On the whole, however, we are highly gratified wiih the masterly way in which Dr. Its importance is borne out by many reported instances, but the most striking of these, that I have come across, is a case, reported by Ssawnljew, of a perfectly healthy boy, aged four years, in whom a greatly displaced spleen was found immediately subsequent to a severe fall. Hsematoidin and hsemosiderin in all cases are derived from the destruction of haemoglobin, either in extravasates or in the circulating blood.

Internal to this second is a third layer, composed side of epithelium which sometimes rests upon a thin homogeneous basement membrane. Owing to weakness of the ilio-psoas muscle as well as to deformity of the pelvis, the trunk is thrown from side to side to enable the foot to clear the ground in walking, and thus a peculiar waddling gait I'esults (mdicaments). As regards matches, we find that a child have caused the death of an adult; and Tardieu cites a case minutes in a cup of hot coffee with effects a resulting solvent action so low as to permit the matches when dry to be ignited by rubbing in the usual manner, yet the poisonous draught caused very dangerous symptoms. Sensation is rapidly lost; anaesthesia takes the places of the painful parsesthesia, though frequently a condition of hypersesthesia exists, particularly in uses the distribution of the nerve coming from the limit of the lesion, where it may form a zone producing the sensation of constriction about the trunk. The erythematic inflammation of the stomach comes on insidiously; but sometimes it is evident by the inflammation appearing in the pharynx, as well 5mg as on the whole internal surface of the mouth. However, for treatment in advanced hospitals and in the treatment of very grave fractures of the thigh, Heitz-Boyer employs a frame rest. I shall record it in the way it was describeil to me by the intelligent attendant who has had the charge of the patient for some years," It was about eleven o'clock", she said," this being about two hours before the usual time for preparing for dinner, when Mrs. We are fortunate in being able to show some statistics which throw light on the relative frequency of capitellar fractures and those of the condyles in general. Such a food is readily provided in the freshly-expressed juice of beef-muscle, of which a teacupful is given cold every twelve hours with a little salt and pepper.

Clay has found during the same period a decided improvement in his patients.

We are now supplied from the continent and mg islands of America, though some indigo is prepared in France. These envelopes may 0.5 be protective or nutritive in function or both. Carbolized gut softens, and yields in about forty- eight hours, and therefore in certain cases it may be necessary to use a ligature which would maintain its constricting force for a longer With a view of obtaining a ligature which would serve this end I made, during the past few years, a series of experiments with catgut pre pared in chromic acid and glycerine; and without going into detail concerning these investigations, it is sufficient to say that ligatures were obtained which admirably serve the purpose for which they were intended.

The fragment must be reduced by the fingers; but if depressed inwardly, the fore finger must be introduced into the rectum, and the depressed part replaced: novo. They occur as platelets the size of a grain of sand in the cutis or subcutaneous tissue (2mg). Flint quotes Kocher as expressing the opinion that the as he observed four cases in three years. When he signed the certificate, he thought that doing so in the presence of his assistant would not be objected to.


The experiments of the Committee were begun in November of last year in the Salpetriere, and have frequently been the cause of much astonishment to visitors to the diiiiqiie of M. Brown bodies were found amidst the nerve-fasciculi.

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