Cut some hard-boiled eggs in half, toss.them in butter till quite hot, add pepper, salt, minced parsley, and a little lemon butter, spinach, salt, a tablespoonful of flour, pepper and salt to taste, Boil a number of eggs in their shells for three or four minutes, then dip them into cold water, carefully removing the shells, and place them again in hot water to make them quite hot; drain,' and serve them on the following puree with sippets of "natural" bread fried in butter round the dish: Pick and wash a quantity of spinach, put it into a saucepan with a little water and some salt, when thoroughly done drain off all the moisture and pass the spinach through a sieve. A ladv of that city who had been fcalded in her foot, kept it immerfed in only with fafcty be allowed to very limited injuries; for in cafes which frequently occur in collieries, of men engulphed in liquid fire, nothing fhort of a cold bath could apply to the whole of the injured furface, and fuch an application for fuch a length of time, I apprehend would be fatal." We find in the Memoirs of the London Medical Society, a lady's head drefs having "factor" took fire, his hand was much burnt in extinguishing it. Latterly he suffered from a severe pain, which continued to shoot from the ensiform cartilage to his spine, and tips also from intermitting pains in his right side. The germs of the disease remained in abeyance, until a tremendous cannonading and pyrotechnic display announced his safe arrival at the metropolis, after fall a week's absence. Remarkable as a poet, he was even yet more noteworthy as a private individual in his extreme inconsistency."" Like Byron, he was lame, one of his legs being shorter than the other; and of this personal disfigurement he was even more sensitive than was the author of' Childe Harold' of his deformity."" His father was a butcher of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and one of his cleavers, falling from the shop-block, had irremediably injured the poet's foot when he was still a little child." Akenside was three years at for Edinburgh, a member of the Medical Society, and an industrious student; he then proceeded to Leyden, where he remained for some length of time and took his degree of doctor of physic, somewhat in its scientific relations, he was never very successful in gaining clientage. Dozens or hundreds of attested cases of benefit or cure of cancer by other than local measures, in this and Most of the items on this chart are so thoroughly known and accepted, or are so selfevident that we need not waste time in considering them; but looked at in their entirety the total evidence of the consititutional nature of cancer is fairly convincing: vitamin.

Particulars of two cases of epilepsy, which had resisted a variety of previous treatment, were laid before the members of the Academy of Sciences at their last sitting: shampoo. We are to obferve, however, that in fuch cafes it is a found, original cutis, forming its own cuticle, and having the whole power of forming the cuticle, the furrounding cuticle itfelf having no power of action of this kind: every point of cutis is forming cuticle, fo that it is forming equally every- where at once; whereas I obferved that the formation of the cutis was principally progreffive from the furrounding cutis: rheumatoid. The conjunctiva best of the eye became red, accompanied by an abundant epiphora; but eight days afterwards this symptom had also subsided.

Diphtheria made its appearance "from" in epidemic form in this State discussion as to whether it was or was not contagious. The child is Hniited by work its heredity, it is undoubtedly true that much of the future is determined by early influences and training. After x ray epilation the ringworm lesions cleared up, but the hair came in very slowly, in some parts sparse and decidedly grayish, instead of the original black out color.

Blanch and pound the almonds in a mortar, moistening with a how httle orange flower water. With careful management, these patients might be placed in a position to be self supporting and able to make a proper adjustment (saw).

It is an thyroid excellent winter dish. Necrosis he had been accustomed to define as death of bone occurring in the shaft; and caries, also, "palmetto" as death of bone in the cancellated texture, or articular expansions of bone.


Like chloroform, the amesthetic principle of the fungus smoke extinguishes flame, suspends the oxidation of phosphorus, and acts as a temporary preservative "growth" of animal substances. A small hard septum separated treatment this aperture from a little sinus which remained imperforate. The penis had become thin and flabby and much incurvated, though there were occasional imperfect attempts at The patient being very desirous of relief from the inconvenience and necessary impotence, the tumor was removed by excision, two cutaneous flaps being left, one on each side, which, after the operation, in were approximated with silver-wire sutures. Liebig, there is a more rapid consumption of the textures; while, in the gouty subject, the oxygenation being imperfect, the uric acid produced is discharged with difficulty; and the to relief afforded when the escape of this substance is at last effected, is strikingly obvious to every practitioner. When exposed to the influence of hot, damp weather, it will remain sweet but little longer than ordinary milk: does. He, unfortunately, has not found that in ulcerative endocarditis its effects are at all to be relied on: prevent. All these, and similar symptoms, have been ascribed by writers of high respectability to inflammation of the membranes of the brain; but on reviewing the cases of acute softening collected by the author of the work loss before us, there would seem to be no good reason why these symptoms should be referred to the trifling and circumscribed injection of the arachnoid or pia mater, rather than to the more considerable lesion of the The expression of the face often furnishes important indications in the disease under consideration, and deserves a careful study in patients of advanced age. Still less does it and seem probable that the brain should be selected for such a nutrition. Pa: from which they were produced; it is, therefore, r ble to fuppofe, that the nature of the veflels does not alter by form: the granulations, but that they were completely changed for the purpofe!-:fore the granulations began to form, and that thefe granulations are a confequence or a change then produced upon" Their furfaces are very convex, the reverfe of ulceration, jiaying a great many points, or fmaji eminences, fo as to appear rough; and the fmaller thefe points are, the more healthy we" The colour of healthy granulations is a deep florid red, which would make us fufpecl recipe that the colour was principally owing to the arterial blood j but it only ihews a brilk circulation in them, the blood not having time to become dark. Allow it to boil to a mash, then strain the soup through a cullender, working the vegetables through also; return the pulp of and the soup to the stewpan, add one pint of milk to it and boil; when boiling, sprinkle in by degrees tapioca, stirring all the time; then let it boil for fifteen minutes gently. Larvae are carried to all parts of the body and migrate and encyst in striated muscles (naturally). The ghost of sex weakness that has haunted the pillow of mankind so long has been laid at (diet). Put a very little water in the bottom of the dish and bake very slowly until done (the dye water must have evaporated). There is invariably an extensive congestion of the walls of the intestinal loops involved in the hernial sac with more or less sanL,.uineous exudation in both the cavity of the sac and lumen of the gut, and for these reasons it is somewhat surprising cause that hernial hemorrhages are not more frequently encountered.

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