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If m persist iri mi sdi agriosirig, misprescribihg, and mistreatirig the patierit, how can we act surprised when the jaatient ranairis ill? More to the pbirit, how cari expect to take advaritage of the historic oppbrturiity for reform before us now if- all we are going to prescribe, all we "lines" are going to ronedies which are more a jaart of the problem than they are a variguard of the I am going to take this medical metaphor another step and suggest a different kind of diagnosis.

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Class size is important of the superintendents and school board members believed this woijld improve the quality of education More local control was another "in" common recommendation indicated throughout the questionnaire. Sites - t here is a river of information that flows through bush Alaska. There was some i exchange between a few teachers and parents but the principal interacted with staff members (without). I am looking forward to meeting with you at our first articulation meeting between our institutions in the area of I want to thank you for providing your time and assistance in making the first articulation meeting with Calipatria High School and Imperial Valley College, in the areas of math and English, get off to a"great start." It is our hope that these meetings will continue on a long-term Thank you again for your cooperation, and I look uk forward to our continued relationship in the area of articulation.

Visions for the Future of the Relationship between the School and Its Community Some participants' ideas for improving the relationship between the school and its community were holistic in scope rather than specifically prescriptive; they discussed a need for the community to accept change as an inevitable and welcome aspect of the future for the school and the community and felt encouraged by the recent arrival of newcomers from diverse settings as possible change agents: site. The employers, on the other hand, must collaborate with the educational "best" agencies to assist them in meeting these needs. Wlio Knows How Safe? The Status of State Efforts To Ensure to Quality National Research Council. It is difficult to measure what was once inconceivable and is now believed to be within reach: dating. People - right now, my"IDEAL" for MANA would be to put pressuire on the school system to better meet the career ed needs of Hispanic youth:

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Men - at the end of the evening, families come together for a shared activity. Agencies like the Boys Clubs are usually enmeshed in neiwtnks oi directorates, with public and private executives sitting on their boards: for.

App - standards in performance and behaviour ujere maintained through tujice yearly revieuj and uuhole-school planning meetings.

Although not all professors teach the same way, we do by-and-large take certain behavior for granted; these.expectations may be difficult for international students to understand if not part of their previous educational environments: news. Competitive grant announcements will be "india" published in the Federal Register. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated, and will result in a ZERO for the effected exam, quiz, or assignment: free. As reflective learners, they developed an ability to approach the past and the present through a process of asking and answering: first, what happened; second, what does what happened mean; and third, what do I do with this information? In this way the past became connected to the present and the future, and their education to their capacity as active citizens: profile. Political Analysis black and Public OLSON, MANCUR.

Arbitrarily Td say just as it is difficult to get a governmental bureaucracy refiKHised, and, so on, and the thing that I was really reaching for is whether or higher education community feeis that this is so serious and that they today feel that they can play such a significant part that they really have a sC?nsc of urgency, and are wilhng to cut through normal procedures focused as quickly as possible.

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