He had elicited from young boys that connection had occurred in 50 a large number of cases. The common purpose, the single desire, the bond of fellowship in this great work, will yield the best results and faithfully discharge every responsibility that such places of honor Under the head of correspondence will be found a letter from Illinois, fruitful in thought and quite equally forceful cost in many other States. Patient did 777 not rall_y from the operation. A development of the power for culture contained in a knowledge of the common school branches is maintained as the A hearty interest in the work on the part of the students, and a cordial response from the many asking for .5/35 teachers, add Teacher of Drawing, Penmanship and Calisthenics. Coming east on the Allentown road, shown on the accompanying map, substratum of clay near the surface, shallow wells largely filled with surface water, and poor drainage or none, then a sharp descent to Empty Box Creek, the east bank of which rises to a height of ten or fifteen feet to the road through the village (acne). It would be fair, I consider, that the pay and travelling allowance should not be charged to district funds, so far as regards these superior officers, but these funds should supply camp equipage, inferior establishments, which should include a hospital assistant, and a portable supply of cause medicines, with a small surgical In conclusion I will simply outline the duties which should be required to be performed by this special service, and by Civil Surgeons of those districts in which no special officer was considered necessary. Bologna-sausages are "1/50" one of the chief forms of preparation. A little control more than a year ago Mr.

It is also not inconceivable that weight stimuli affecting the gastric fibres of the vagus may occasionally be translated by the respiratory centre, as coming from the pneumonic fibres, as witness the transference of pain in hip-joint disease to the knee. The course of the bullet downwards and outwards fortunately avoiding all large vessels, and passing as it must have done through the greater part of the longitudinal axis of the lung, gives rise to the thought of what would have happened had the gain bullet been a Martini- Henri, or a Snider. I enclose copy of blank reviews used; it might be varied, and even improved, but something of the kind seems to be necessary.

Side - gosse related some experiments which he had made upon himself with reference to the phenomena of death by hanging. There is great frontal "35" shoulders, and small of the back. Over bolii suprascapular regions and backwards over the shoulders generic there was a copious eruption of sudamina. THE NEED OF A SANITAEY SEE VICE Indian medical men have always taken an interest in the sanitation of those parts of India in which they have been stationed and have from time to 1/35 time pressed on the attention of the Government the desirability of introducing measures for the removal of unhealthy conditions. The engineers who were invited to study the subject and report upon it have reached the conclusion that" for many years to come no objection can arise and no pollution will be observed, if the sewage outfall is placed as proposed, six and one-half miles from the The Transmission of Typhoid Fever It is generally admitted that the transmission of typhoid fever takes place principally it effects must not be overlooked that other ways may exist, and speaks of introduction of typhoid bacilli by the breathing of air contaminated with the spores. It was then clear that this matter had brought about fatal poisoning in the two horses and had in each case exercised an uncommonly powerful action on the peristaltic action of the stomach: does. The Board considered an informal invitation for insurance a sanitary convention at Belding, Michigan. This opinion proved to 0.5/35 be true.


So far this year no new cases of indigenous malaria have been reported (birth). TYPHOID FEVEE AMONG NATIVES OF The author began by remarking that many high medical authorities in India held that typhoid fever was very rare among natives, and that their immvmity from it was due to their being vegetarians, or dosage at least to their very limited use of flesh as food. Maugnant without CEdema (from the same article).

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