He had vomited the powder ordered by the druggist. The gall bladder was found contracted,and reached with difficulty.

On opening the Sylvian fissure I found side in its caudal wall a completely submerged fissure, with a remnant of the Sylvian gyre which might possibly be mistaken for the insula. Wilson, senior surgeon to that institution, desire to place on record an expression of their deep regret, and of their sense of the very great loss which the hospital and the public have sustained in his premature death". In the cases in which it was tried, it did not appear, however, to make matters worse. HI able are the concurrence of a cold with a moist state of atmosphere, the prevalence of an easterly wind, and the night air. Among the causes of enuresis, the following may be enumerated. There are no pads above the clavicles. Hayem discovered that after an acute loss of blood, and after the crisis of several infectious diseases, there always is a great increase in the drink of the same. We have now to add a few words regarding the distinction of haemorthage of the bronchial capillaries from the Ueeding arising from a wound in the tissue of oneof the larger vessels, which traverse the walls of a cavity.

Small doses of digitalis and calomel, in combination with extract of cicuta, have had a wellmarked effect in moderating the pnlse, and diminishing that general irritability of the frame, which a chronic state of disease be taken from the arm to the extent of eight ounces. Body and its powers, and with due sympathy for all living weed things. Milk - at the State Hospital at Morganton careful collation has been made of the statistics relating to this interesting subject with the result of showing that insanity and idiocy do not come from this source. Plaster in a box where they can get to it easily is an excellent thing for this defect Sand is also good, as also are oyster shells and grit, but old plaster is better still. When I reached a point where I could command a view of the surrounding prairie I beheld my comrade, about two hundred yards away; engaged in a hand to hand fight thc with a stalwart Indian. One of these is that an accoucheur who has been exposed to septic influences should not attend a woman. ZUR iETIOLOGlE DES GRAUEN StAARS. Thistle - (Maintes fois, pendant le temps d'observation, quand la malade pouvait encore innerver spoatanement ses muscles abdominaux d'une maniere moins imparfaite, on ne palpait qu'une extremement faible contraction du grand droit gauche au-dessus de I'ombilic, tandis que celui du cote droit etait bien contracte.) Done, il existait une paresie du grand droit gauche au-dessus de I'ombilic.

Here the reader mentioned a number of papers by members which have not only been of the highest, value, but made their authors eminent.

In wiiat circumstances hydrocephalus difiers from common phrenitis has never been accurately explained. When standing he has a sort of doubled up appearance. Detox - klagt iiber Kopf schmerzen vmd Lungen und Bauchorgane: nichts abnormes. There are no appearances of softening or tea real pus. The following brief conclusions have been drawn from the cases symmetrical in the two eyes. Dosage - this is surrounded by a swollen red or violet extend, by a circle of new vesicles from a hempseed to a pea in size, which pass through the same transformations. Nux vomica was given almost continuously (does).

A remarkable feature is the way in which the fimbriated extremity of the tube is spread out like a sucker over the surface of the ovary, and glued fast by adhesions, so that the line of demarcation between tube and ovary is but faintly indicated. In general paralysis, alterations in the size, form, and "symptoms" mobility of pupils were not rare, but the pupil was never contracted nor immobile in alcoholic poisoning.


Paper on"Vertical Extension in Fractures of the Femur in Children," in which he strongly advocated extension from above with the thigh flexed on the trunk, and small lateral splints.

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