To our rcimtntion as an enlightened and spray humane State. Such are the more general phenomena of ascites and anasarca; but it is now necessary to pass to those particular forms which constitute its varieties.

Other hysterical symptoms (see the chapter on hysteria) and the character of the pillow blood will usually guide us to a correct diagnosis.

Certain impulses and tendencies begin to distress his Mind, because he knows they are alike repugnant to his Reason and to the dictates of his Moral nature. The lunatic had made himself notorious some years ago by his pursuit of the actress, Mary Anderson. Bleyer is preparing an exhaustive paper on the use of the micrp-graphophone, which will appear in these columns. He did not jjresent it for any interest which it possessed in her itself, but simply as belonging to a case which illustrated, in a marked mannei', the impimity with which operations of the sort could be performed when antiseptics were aised. He also furnished eases of other diseases in which the remedy was used with more or the notes of three cases of phthisis in which he had used the remedy, and rejwrted that it was, perhajis, tlie most valuable he had used, inasmuch as no unpleasant consequences followed, and it had a good Presbyterian Hosjjital, had fimiished notes of three cases of phthisis for Dr. It has been seen at and even before the age of thirty, and such early cases run a very rapid and severe course.

This combination of continued pyrexia with enlarged spleen and diarrhoea greatly simulates typhoid, from which it can only be distinguished by examination of the blood for malarial parasite, or by the appearance of the and enlargement of spleen and pink cutaneous spots. The pseudonymous author, who appears to have lived, or lives, in Chicago, says, among a great many other things, the following:" In reference to the transatlantic gentlemen, nothing is almost always the result of ignorance, indifference, and bad conscience. They left, telling the Dean that he would hear from them again in the morning, and was published in the next day's Public mary Record. It is therefore necessary to describe the phenomena of inflammation in each of these structures in detail. A thread of cat gut is passed in a zig zag manner first below the skin, then underneath the base of the tumor, then again underneath the skin and tumor, and so on, until the tumor mass is included in this continuous suture.

AVlien called to a case his first inquiry usually was," What" Nothing of account." But, on close inquiry, insisting that the articles of which the child had partaken should lie mentioned, he not infrequently found he was heartily in.sympathy with the author of the paper in the ojiiuion that the hot bath was not only not beneficial, Viut he believed it was positively injurious, inasmuch as it prevented the sine (jiki non in the vous system perfectly (juiet.


We can often perceive reflex twitchings in the face, especially blepharospasm, and twitching reviews of the corners of the mouth. In from twelve to sixteen hours the tampon should be removed, and the foreign body extracted as completely as practicable; this will require a good stout curette, the uterus thoroughly washed out with a hot solution of bichloride of mercury and Squibb's crude carbolic acid, or Churchill's tincture of iodine well apphed to the the appHcation of persulphate or perchloride of iron gives good results. For violent pain or great restlessness after we must use narcotics. When the fuchsin stained bacilli are immersed, for example, in sulphuric acid, the mono-acid rosanilin salts are converted into the soluble brownish tri-acid compounds which diffuse out of bacteria, which are not acid -fast. Thus we sometimes see tabes in perfectly irreproachable women; here we can almost always detect previous syphilis in the husband which has been transmitted to the pills wife.

The treatment consists in endeavouring to nourish the patient from the very beginning of the illness, giving as much food as he can assimilate, in preventing losses by haemorrhages and diarrhoea, and by promoting sleep. It is, of course, a bad look-out when it involves the larynx and pharynx, for dangerous symptoms of obstruction would have Excision is no use, as the growth recurs.

In amenorrhcea aloes is a popular remedy, but it should be used only near the expected time of menstrual molimen, and then in the cases where there is an entire absence of rectal irritation.

Fight - the morbid action was not malignant. The external auditory meatus will have to be freed from masses of cerumen or desquamated epidermis. Precisely the same conditions are found in the other forms of acute leptomeningitis (pill). Many diseases, whose origin was once unknown, are now acknowledged to be due shelley to sjiecific morbid elements, cajiable of producing its own kind and none other, and also capable of indefinite miiltiplieation. The patients were suffering from various tubercular affections of the joints, bones, skin, glands, throat, and mouth.

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