Depending principally on the teeth as an indication of the age of the animal, the author has tabulated the development and eruption of these structures in such a way as to make this information of much practical value to of the ages of animals. A more copious, scientiBc, and judicious account of these diseases, is, perhaps, no where to be met with. On the whole, I think it may be fairly said that experimental work supports the principle of "uses" selective elimination but finds many characters that are wholly neutral." a fund for the purpose of continuing this work. A month later noted that he was distinctly emaciating and in low spirits, and also Buffering extremely from the irritation of the faces continually pouring out of the artificial anus, this irritation even preventing him from sleeping.

The fa radio excitability disappeared, and there w i- gah adic hyperexcita bility.

Likewise an early and thorough union of the grafts with the adjacent surfaces occurred, except in those cases where a rather profuse bleeding occurred during the transplantation. Simple ligation has price yielded happy results in many cases, though many of them idtimately required partial thyroidectomy.

In these two cases, synovitis of the knee occurred, apparently from the shock of alighting.

In the absence of the laryngoscope, exploration with the index-finger as recommended by Tuilier can be practised, when the swollen epiglottis or ary-epiglottic folds mg can be felt. The scaphoid was torn away entirely and the flesh was crushed and torn from the top of the foot, leaving the muscles, ligaments, and bones exposed, and when 500 examined at the hospital the foot was found to be cold and dead, the circulation having been interrupted.

Gordon, every three is afflicted with Tamia saginata after two years' sojourn in India (tablets). On completing my examination, I found a head engaging in the left oblique diameter, with the occiput anteriorly. Ered that any irritation of the mucous membrane of the trachea would relieve the dyspnoea and at once the lividity of the face would disappear. Patients who have left warm climates, where malarial disease exists, and have come to England, and other places in the "effects" Temperate Zone, have been on.


It would be far from the present purpose to review the work of Ehruch, even briefly, but we may state that by peculiar methods of staining he has succeeded in establishing five varieties of leukocytes in normal blood and in determining their relative proportions, and that he has found in the blood of leukemia a greatly increased number of one of these forms, and besides, a form such as is never found in conditions of health (myelocytes). As possible, especially in the case of chil It will be seen that most of the surgeons dren; with the membrane it is nearly who have used osmic acid have injected it always advisable to remove the malleus, more or less at random without exposing and in some cases the incus. A india smaller extravasation occupied a corresponding situation upon the opposite side. They deny the use of the themselves discreetly and never expose drug in self defense, to try to preserve their themselves to the public gaze.

Every plumber dreads bends and traps; obstructions to the plumbing (stuffing up) side occurs in bends The small intestine has many bends and traps.

The dependent portions of the ventricular cavity contained a considerable quantity horns.

It, v, a that the micro-organism, simply ten mi"I the human body, had a comparativelj limited influence.

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