Erb recommends the galvanic current; and so does De ille, with faradisation for the muscles. To arithmetical nota history of vellovv fever in, viii. He will be exposed to greater risks in consequence of the new arms. The apex beat of the heart may be displaced, varying with the exudate.

Thompson, whose diploma was signedbythePresidentof the"Bellevue Medical College of the State of Massachusetts," of Boston. The operative manipulations had resulted in an early traumatic, general adhesive peritonitis, the intestinal serosa having lost its glister and the blood clots being loosely stuck to the bowel. When the curette is passed over the walls of the uterus, it exercises a tonic effect, and a contraction results checking the hemorrhage. The captain is responsible for the medical training of these men. The following bones are liable to tuberculous disease: the vertebrae (causing Pott's disease of the spine), the ribs (periostitis with cold abscess), the cancellous bones of the carpus and tarsus, p.m. and the phalanges, pelvis and the long bones. I at once placed him upon the use of a food I have devised within the last year, and with which I have thus far attained very good success in as many cases as I have had the opportunity to try it. Sometimes traction outwards, or even directly upwards metagenics with a foot on the acromion, may be tried. The inquiry should be generally circulated throughout the profession:" Have we acted wisely and honestly in altogether abandoning general bloodletting, not only in the treatment of acute pleurisy, but in many other diseases assuming a like sthenic aspect?" adage," Better be out of the world than out of fashion," has shown its full force when applied to the medical profession in this particular. TREATMENT OP DISEASE CAUSED BY ABUSE. Berlin, eertilieutiou of deatli iu, reviews iii. Indeed the latter is logically of far greater importance, but because of an unfortunate tendency on the part of human nature to procrastination the for mer will of necessity demand the most of the physician's labor.


Examination of the work so far presented justifies the expectation that as the more special surgical diseases and conditions are considered, it will prove to be a system of surgery, up to date in every respect, practical in text descriptions, very materially helped by the profusion of illustrations of procedures, and all in all a thoroughly standard work on surgery. The County societies form the basis of representation in the larger association; the delegates receive from them the necessary credentials, and have always been expected to express upon all such matters the previously known sentiment of the society, and not their individual opinions. Often diagnosed or even causing symptoms during p.m life, and generally found post-mortem. These mortality rates are thought satisfactory in cases one-half of which were ambulance or emergency cases.

As I shall point out, even that function of which we know most, namely, conductivity, leaves many When we investigate the anatomical facts which underlie these functions of heart muscle, we are obliged to subdivide them into those which are muscular and those which are nervous, and to assign to each its proper domain. The following results were obtained from examinations made The result was binocular vision through the whole field of vision, and also for reading. When an abdominal SAvelling in the hepatic region is suspected 180 of being a hydatid cyst it is justifiable to puncture it Avitli an aspirating needle in order to confirm the diagnosis, but AA'henever this is done and the diagnosis is definitely established then the surgeon ought to be prepared to proceed with parasite. The;ifter-treatment of the cases does not differ from that of any anesthetic case for the first two days. He had been accustomed to a good deal of alcohol. Hastings, of the Cornell Clinical Laboratory, who rendered me valuable aid in other respects also. The patieut, is quite under our control in most tablets instances. The reasons for that condition is due to the inexhaustible supply of material for the study of surgical pathology; and for such study, of all the world, I believe Vienna offers the greatest advantages. This is usually spoken of as a contracture, the causes of which have been referred to in the section on causes of lesions.

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