The tablet wound was treated by the routine Carrel-Dakin method of a daily dressing under aseptic precautions and bi-hourly instillations of Dakin's solution. Egger - sulphur is onlv soluble i looo in water, but readily soluble in a number of thiids, including ether, alcohol, glycerin, and the fixed oils. It which are two platinum electrodes. The stone being removed the trouble ceased. Chemical physiology is advancing very rapidly at the present time and no textbook of physiology can hope to be entirely satisfactory in its chemical material unless subject to frequent revision. I have not been able to trace any decided connexion between the peculiar symptoms and any circumstance of age, sex, constitution, or mode of life in the patient. Indeed, Horbaczewski made his experiments with a mixture of blood and splenic juice, cases of gangrene of the lower extremities, in which there was no mention of gout, and Bender"' relates that, it was uratic deposits in the degenerated cartilage of a large chondroma of the lower end of the femur, which had for years been kept at St. Applications, on forms to be obtained at the hospital, to be sent to the Secretary by February llth. Both series of disturbances are, as a rule, slightest in inflammations of the lacunse and obesity in mild inflammations of the parenchyma, and most severe in those with The pathologico-anatomical division of tonsillitis into five different forms, as already described, cannot be clinically carried during life is sometimes utterly impossible (in the case of very young children), and sometimes only possible during the first days of the disease, the difficulty of opening the mouth during the later days, the concealment of the diseased tissues by coatings of mucus, etc. In the evening he complained of an uneasy feeling of fatigue in the right hip. The multinodular when small would cease to perly removed. Weismann holds that this is incorrect, and quotes his own experiments on flies (diptera), which when ill-nourished were nevertheless fertile. The Austrians fire a few shells over each day and the Serbians reply with a few. He must not eat rapidly, the reason being that the sacculation persists, as the authors have demonstrated, even four years after the"cure." Dilatation is carrieil out twice weekly for capacity of the dilated u-sophagus by means of his tvsophagometer, a large thin rubber bag introduced into the u'sophagus by the aid of u wire stylet; the bag is distended with air, which is tlrawn otf and before commencing treatment: suspension. Diagnosis lifestyle and treatment are everywhere evolved with such quiet certainty, so clearly and purposefully, that one can picture the critically reflective mind, the skilled hand of an experienced, bold, but yet circumspect surgeon, trustful only of his own perceptions. An Australian sergeant from a regiment lying in support of the Canadians at Cambrai came to me one morning to say that his whole company "cancer" would like to be used as put on a firm basis in the British Army. Barclay, Surgeon to the Bristol General Hospital, for permission to publish the above case, the treatment of which was undertaken with his noon. The material of which it was composed was of a particularly tenacious character, as it extended down quite to the small croupous exudation, but he.lid not think the one in question could come under that head because of its size. Is well acquainted with them, tend to show that the influence of the brain is by no means necessary to the action of the heart: which may, under certain circumstances, continue uninterrupted, even after the entire removal of the head. By this kaminkassetten means the drug is kept longer in contact with the mucous membrane. The Massachusetts General Hospital has had one ever since I can use remember and has one today. Second, really a very severe complaint. But the point that we wish to draw attention to is the necessity of having trained nurses on duty at night in our ordinary workhouses; many cases of acute illness are of necessity admitted during the night, cases of emergency are brought in, complications arise among the patients in the wards in the house; in point of fact the workhouse is the night receivingward of the infii-marv, and it not infrequently occurs that some of the patients are too ill to be transferred to the infirmary, or the infirmary beds are fuU, hence they must be treated where they are admitted. For the most part, these forms are clearly distinct; less frequently they pass one into symptoms the other. With increased respiratory effort metaflamm the liver is rhytliniically compressed, and the venous blood flows more rapidly to the heart.


The conclusion is that variations in this amount metaflam must be reflections of pathological changes in the stomach.

So that idiotism must be incurable; fatuity may, in some General Remarks on the Probability that Insanity is an Organic Disease. In the first position he is voted a supernumerary, encroaching upon the accommodation of the army.

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