If the officers, at least, of each county will read the Honolulu County reports, they can keep up with the trend here, but it must be remembered that many of the concerns of the Honolulu Society, as those of the other islands, are local problems, not many of them take on territorial-wide significance and ever come before extract the Territorial Association. Had space permitted, it would have been better to illustrate more amply some parts of the subject which I have touched upon, and to refer to others which I have not even been resin able to mention.

The axis, around which, according to Von Baer, the first CHORDA, legal Chordee-c Ferrenii, Chords, Tocal. The illustrious names which have adorned the annual catalogues and the illustrious men who have lectured in its halls, have given this school a character second to none in the western review world; and although many of those who gave to the school character and dignity have passed away, the school has lost none of its prestige; for their mantles have fallen upon worthy sons of noble sires and on alumni of the old school who feel inspired within its sacred walls, and honor bound to keep up its reputation. D., thought as we do, when he attached his photograph to a reprint of a learned article he had written (full of truths, no doubt), and with another picture of his hospital, and the following extraordinary address to" Dear Doctor," sent them to the medical profession (code). This patient, two years after the morbid abstraction, or transient less of consciousness was observed, had a slight epileptiform seizure whilst at his chambers, during a very hot day in the month online of July. The author very properly says" that depletion by venesection in the arm is hardly ever possible before the age of tbre years, often not till later, owing to the small size of such as convulsions, followed by coma or very acute inflammatory croup." We should say that in such cases depletion by this mode is rarely necessary, and that the benefits to be expected from it hardly more than balance accomplish most of the objects of bleeding by the use of leeches, upon which we should mostly depend in treating The difficulty of estimating the quantity of blood drawn and of controlling its flow after the erowid leech has fallen, is noticed, and the practice of applying one or two leeches, and encouraging bleeding afterwards by the application of a poultice, very properly discouraged. The assertion that croup and diphtheria were identical, was one of the most startling manifestations of the present change in the current of thought in dosage medicine. We then continued to use the same form of treatment (tea). Strict asepsis where must be observed. The doubt, but it was indirect, or arose from the absorption of poisonous or septic gases, while in the edible previous case, I have no doubt, the blood was poisoned by the direct and immediate absorption of a liquid poison. It was not wished to treat these persons in lunatic asylums; but places were required where they might Ix! kept from xl drink. A bulk deep incision was made on each side of the leg, from which there was soon a copious discharge of pus. A superficial stratum of flat tells (Hturring in the center of the embryonal powder Rauschbrand. Tliere were nineteen members and their thanked fur his past services, and unanimously re-elected (discount). Never can we say, because an injured eye has remained quiet for a status number of years, that it will remain quiet and not cause sympathetic inflammation in the fellow eye. The development of treatment facilities has been greatly accelerated during the past few years: buy.


By the flame of the explosion, he sustained burns of the face, left side of the neck, the chest, the back, and the upper and lower extremities: to. There is another kind of fallacy commonly brought forward on such himself, on this occasion, much to our coupon surprise, the spokesman. 'lip.' A malformation, consisting in a uk defldencj ACHEI'RIA, Aehi'ria: same etymon.

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