I should not be disposed to admit that the number of cases of human infection with bovine bacilli tan be determined with any accuracy by this method, but I think the method may be useful in determining the great question as to whether this infection occurs at all or In a certain number of cases, a bacillus has been obtained from the lesions of human tuberculosis having the characteristics of the bovine bacillus. The withers are low, the chest quite broad, the shoulders rather strong and rounded, the back even, and running on an even line to the hips (mg). The animal becomes more apathetic, loses its liveliness and appetite, and appears stupid and sleepy, occasionally vomiting occurs. The diiferences in the macroscopic appearance which have led to a division into the abovementioned subvarieties depend on differences in the extent of these foci, the different degrees in which the individual tissues are affected by the disease, the more or less advanced stage of fatty degeneration, the loss of tissue and contraction in individual portions of the organ, and, finally, differences in the quantity of blood contained in the kidney. The genitals seldom showed oedema.

Contractile force of raspberry the left auricle and ventricle; the sphygmbgraphic tracings show that the contractile force is markedly increased.

Patients are concerned about chemical exposure from many sources.

This led too many to operate, without due discrimination as to the cases appropriate for operation, and also from the supposition that division of the tendon was all that was required to Now, however, that the theory of strabismus is better understood, and proper steps are taken to secure satisfactory results, both immediate and permanent, the operation, which until recently had come to be regarded with disfavor, is now one of the most satisfactory in ophthalmic surgery, and, when the result is favorable, the gratification to the patient is secondary only to that following successful operations for cataract, or restoration of sight by iridectomy, in case Recurrence of the strabismus is probable, if the causes which produced it in the first instance are not The mode of operating for the relief of squint is to divide the tendon of the muscle on the squinting side at some point between the muscle and the attachment of its tendon to the sclerotica, the point of division being determined by the amount of turning of the eye, the rule being that the less the turning of the eye, the nearer its attachment the tendon should be divided, and the greater the squint, the nearer the muscle the division should be.

As to the effects dynamic of climate he says that our knowledge does not permit us to affirm that any special climate is best for nonsuppurative inflammation of the middle ear. The height of the precipitate (albumin) depends, among other conditions, on the external temperature; hence, in order to obtain comparable readings, the temperature should be as uniform as possible. Speaker, after careful consideration of testimony concerning all other aspects of this report, your Reference Committee feels this document, as amended, is worthy of pride, and should enable the AMS to better serve its membership. Representative Bobby Newman, Senator William Moore, and Mayor Larry Combs were in attendance.


Reviews - it is a pleasing retrospect to know that since the organization of this association all the meetings have been conducted in harmony and the relations of its members, pleasant in It seems to me proper and an incumbent duty to give you an abstract of the society's doings for the past year, and to make such suggestions for its interests as have occurred to me during my terra of office. Both portions have more than a pure common interest at the present time. To a third (large sized) frog I gave ten grains of blue mass, and about as much blue ointment. It is not necessary for me to go into details with reference to the clinical observations nutrition indicating the transmission of bovine tuberculosis to man. Examples of this sort have occurred under our observation several times, and in two instances we have witnessed unmistakable symptoms of carbolic acid poisoning. Rudolph Vir" practical, of urine, guide to the, Examinations, post mortem, of the brain, guide" of urea, influence of electrization of the Extirpation of the kidney in a case of uretero Eye-ball, atlas of the pathological anatomy of," sympathetic involvement of a previously" typhoid, symmetrical gangrene of the" uterine, removed by the spoon-saw, D. Further, the medical director regularly visits individual hospitals to speak with their E. They met and elected and Indian War, and was preceptor to twelve voting physicians, including John Morgan. They will tell you, perhaps, that after a certain period of illness they lost a part or most 800 The symptoms of syphilitic epilepsy are sometimes quite strikingly those of epilepsy proper; yet, I believe, in the vast majority of instances, determinate differences exist. No time was lost to communicate the glad tidings to all the houses of the Society enjoining a day of special Although the Decree gives immediate pontifical for seven years, after which application may be made for final approbation. And for one of those dread diseases, it could be the beginning of the end. Fitzgerald is also head of the Connaught Laboratories, and he will combine the two offices. Notwithstanding the already disturbed mental state of these cases symptoms connected plus with the nervous system were not very common. Insanity does not tend to arrest organic disease of the reproductive organs. The Chinese, it is said, practice inoculation by blowing the dried smallpox crusts While inoculation has properly fallen into disuse, there are conceivable emergencies in which the practice would be justified. The liver parenchj'ma was subdiviiled by broad bands of dense fibrous tissiu'.

The patient lives in Hyde Park, his physician on the West Side. The remaining cases had not received sufficient treatment as the result of their experience, also believe that treatment of exophthalmic goitre by the Roentgen rays should be directed toward overacting thymus alone is the cause of Basedow's disease.

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