Jumpstart your idea with seed funding and mentorship

Startup accelerators/incubators


So-called "startup accelerator" programs like DreamIt Ventures, YCombinator and Tech Stars have been popping up around the country over the last couple of years. If you are an early stage company, or even just at the "idea" stage, you may want to consider applying to participate in one of these programs. The programs tend to provide seed funding; mentors and advisors; legal, accounting and administrative help to get your company started; and introductions to investors. The programs are intensive 3-month programs, often in a collaborative work space with other teams, where you focus on taking your business to the next level - with the help of experienced entrepreneurs and advisors who have "been there and done that". Many of the programs also bring on individuals with exceptional technical or business skills who don't have a company of their own and join them up with other teams.

Come hear more about how the programs work and success stories of companies who have been through the programs.

The session speaker, Kerry Rupp, is a new partner in DreamIt Ventures and will be leading the summer 2010 accelerator program in Philadelphia (from May to August, application deadline March 22, 2010).


Thanks to Conjunctured for hosting! Conjunctured is a co-working space in Austin. You can learn more about them at http://conjunctured.com/ or (512) 524-4296.
Kerry is an entrepreneur and executive who will be leading the 2010 DreamIt program in Philadelphia. Kerry is the Founder of Holiday Golightly, an online travel service specializing in girlfriend getaway trips. She also provides marketing and strategy consulting to senior executives at companies such as AllRecipes.com, LexisNexis, Payscale, and Taleo. She has 17 years of strategic planning and operational management experience, having served as Vice President of Business Development at Jobster and Classmates.com, Managing Director & Vice President of Market Planning at LexisNexis, and Consultant at both McKinsey & Company and Andersen Consulting. Her experience also includes several stints at start-ups, holding management roles at MarketSpan and CourtLink before their acquisition by LexisNexis and at Automated Catalogue Services before its acquisition by Sterling Commerce. Kerry was the editor of the book “CRAVE Austin: The Urban Girls’ Manifesto” (2009), and the co-publisher/editor of “The Parisian Cowboy’s Guide to the Round Top Experience” (2010). Kerry holds a BA in Biology from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.