"The Julie Jumonville Show" - How do I get into Independant and Big Box Retailers?

Julie will interview companies, buyers, brokers and independant retailers in this session on how to sell into their stores


So, you have worked nights and weekends and spent your savings to develop the most amazing product that should be sold on-line, in Independant Retailers, and Big Box Stores. How do I get into these stores? Should I use a broker and pay a percentage to get on their shelves? If I have the buyers name, can I call them directly to get a meeting?

On the "The Julie Jumonville Show" (play off Ellen Degeneres Show) we will live, laugh and dance in this session while hosting live guests and pre-recorded interviews of new companies, current and past buyers including Target and other top retailers in the country. Come hear directly from the retailers how to get into their stores. And of course be ready to dance, have fun and play games all tailored to give you tips on how to get your products into retail.

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
Julie Jumonville is Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of UpSpring Baby, which develops creative and convenient solutions to improve health, wellness and safety for parents and young children. Julie founded UpSpring Baby after developing Milkscreen, the first ever home test to screen breast milk for alcohol. Prior to founding UpSpring Baby, Julie founded Avery Environmental, an engineering company which provides software solutions and professional services for managing and improving corporate environmental performance. In her spare time she plays in an all mom Rock Band called Covergirls, wakeboards with her kids, plays golf with her hubby and serves as a Board Member for the Mother's Milk Bank at Austin.