Is it not a striking fact tliat of the four hypermetrojjs three have chorea, while no chorea is found among the four emmetrojjs? We ai-e told that in five of the cases observed glasses for the correction of the refractive errors were prescriljed and worn without benefit, so far as the nervous trouble was concerned. Recent studies by Wilkins revealed that the large majority of patients with the syndrome which he terms"gonadal dysgenesis" manifest a male sex chromosomal pattern.

On the contrary, than the training that the young graduate gets during his term of service on the house staff of a hospital.

I would like to say, in reply to Dr. What I wanted to direct your attention to was this: Suppose a hoy is suffering from a catarrh of the head, as a great many people sutler at certain seasons of the year, a young child, and a severe blow is inflicted upon the ear, is he not more likely and liable to become deaf from that blow inflicted while he has this catarrh in the head than if he was in a healthy condition? Q.

One of its editors is well iiown l)y his able editorship of the Dorpater Mcdi t Comparative Protection op Vaccination and ieliy, that during our civil war I selected some enty hospital patients for vaccination on the suc;ding day.

In the third week she had some abdominal pains which seemed to threaten abortion, but they subsided, and a few days later some reviews albumen appeared in the urine. As before, the pooled serum was used at once for the experiment. The purpose in this experiment was to determine the time of maximal acidity in each group of tubes and its relation to the exposure amounts of broth, or in those having relatively the greatest amount of exposure admittedly too meager on which to formulate any general principles, it is Dextrose Broth with Varying Oxygen Tension Results in percentages normal acid. As the patients took the disease at some other place, a considerable time necessarily elapsed from the first attack, before application was made to him; or else it was a relapse from a former attack brought on by fatigue or some indiscretions, which are verv common among soldiers.

I record the case that we should report our unsuccessful as well as our and the spinal cord from a babe five ninuths old. With the dilatation of the OS the womb descended more upon the perineum, and I uterine surface, which, when broken up, the labour progressed more rapidly, but I finally was obliged to deliver by the forceps, as the head presented in the third position, and the woman jvas too weak to complete the labour alone. The dressing i)ossesscs all tlie advantages and none of the inconveniences of Lister's method.

Pills - in fact, every necessary pressure may he attained without it, I first make one turn with the wller round the bottom of the leg, then one under the sole of the foot.


Optic thalamus and adjacent parts; two in corpus striatum; one in optic thalamus; and one in posterior lobe.

From fifteen to twenty grains of the sulphate of quinine, or from three to four drachms of good cinchona, suffice to suppress the fever of an adult, and to keep it suppressed during eight or nine days. The third case was one of pseudo- membranous laryngitis from the first, the pharynx at no time being affected. I drove home, got a supply of mention this CAse to shew the advantiige of keeping glue ready had three children, the last born six yeai s ago. Sense of smell of field of vision in the right eye, as also in colour field in left eye field of vision, normal. In some the delirium has been accompanied with convulsions, as in a case under the care of Dr. It aids the mind in retaining correct impressions of separate data, while a semi-annual subdivision would be rather impracticable, and monthly statements too confusing to be remembered.

Gow discussed the diarrhoea attendant on typhlitis; it occurs in the chronic and not in the acute form of the disease. In some of the cases, all the ordinary remedies had been employed, such as ferruginous tonics, baths; and even cauterization, without any apparent advantage. Provisions and conditions respecting the said Notice and Declaration, Nomination and Certificate), together with the names of the six Fellows by whom they shall respectively have been nominated, shall be published in the' London Gazette,' and in two London daily Newspapers, not less than ten days before the day appointed for in which the day of Meeting for the Election shall be announced; and the names of such Members shall be published in the' London Gazette' and in two London daily Newspapers, at the head of the list of the names of the several other Candidates to o. He thought it would Inst probably three weeks. No interpretation could enable them to comprehend the ceremony. N the iironagalion of Typhoid Feoei: By Dr (jadera). (Eyes covered up during these inquiries.) Left leg is more affected than the right. If no constitutional disturbance is developed, no complaint bowels, I should increasej the remedy by giving five drops twice daily. The mind interprets as single the double action of the sensorial organs that receive and transmit the impression of the fantastic image and by which it is brought to the consciousness and understanding. To the middle of the second phalanx the attachment was sinqjly cutaneous, being composed of united jialmar and dorsal skin. Came in great distress, (nearly three years ago,) into my office, to consult me about a five cent piece which had gotten into his windpipe. For this child the only symptoms which ni.ay claim relief are the vomiting and the condition relating to the urine.

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