I've Outgrown My Garage... Now What?

Commercial Real Estate Leasing 101 - What you should know BEFORE you start to look for office or retail space.


As an entrepreneur, you know your business inside and out. You also know when to outsource functions that others do better, faster, cheaper, etc. You stick to your core competencies to be more efficient and pay for expert service to cover those actions you either: do not have time to do; do not have the experience to do right; or do not have the desire to do at all. Locating and negotiating for commercial real estate - office, retail or light industrial - may not be a strong point for you, or anyone else on your team. Negotiating against seasoned leasing agents, professional property management firms or landlords without the necessary skills could be detrimental to your business in the long run. They negotiate leases for a living - you negotiate once every three to five years. Who has the upper hand?

This presentation will arm you with an understanding of the lease process, start to finish, terms and conditions to be comfortable with and an update on the current commercial real estate market in Austin so you will be better prepared to negotiate your new lease. If you plan on growing your business, you should prepare yourself prior to making that long-term obligation. Know what to ask for, what to expect and who you should have on your side before you sign. Tackling this process on your own or outsourcing it to others, don't you think you should know the process, the terms and the current market conditions?


I've Outgrown My Garage... Now What?
Rodney Schwalbach, Principal / Broker - With over 16 years experience in the high tech industry and several years in the commercial real estate world, Mr. Schwalbach leads ESG Realty Advisors, LLC as Principal and Broker. Mr. Schwalbach provides tenant representation services, consulting and unbiased advice to business owners and general managers negotiating commercial real estate transactions against landlords and property management companies – essentially leveling the playing field. Prior to ESG Realty Advisors, Mr. Schwalbach co-founded HR360, LLC and Employer Solutions Group, providing Commercial Tenant Representation Services, Employee Benefits Consulting, Human Resources, Payroll, Recruiting and Accounting outsourcing to businesses of all sizes. Mr. Schwalbach has held director-level positions for several high-tech and consulting companies in Austin where he managed all aspects of human resources and operations, including facilities management, contract review & negotiation and real estate-related responsibilities - as both tenant and landlord.