iRush -- The iPad and iPhone Market in 2010.

The Technology and Strategic Issues to Consider before Diving In.


The iPad is causing another iteration of the iRush. 2009 was an impressive year for both Apple and the entrepreneurs in the marketplace. How can you join the iRush? This session, by an active iPhone entrepreneur/developer, will cover both the strategic and technology issues facing every budding iPhone entrepreneur. For example, why is the iPhone market so strong and robust in the face of focussed competition from other phone vendors? What technology issues and options must be considered for your business idea? What marketing options exist?

Andrew Donoho has a small mobile device consulting firm, Donoho Design Group, L.L.C., which concentrates on iPhone development. This is the natural extension of his over 25 year history of developing with Apple technologies. He has experience in developing 3D visualization software, designing hardware and crafting web standards. He is trained in experimental physics with a degree from the University of Texas at Austin and lives in Austin with his wife.