But the main treatment should "how" be a moral one. Jacob Michaux's and resignation from the chair of obstetrics was accepted and he w as made professor emeritus. Deputy Coroner Fitzsimmons and Assistant Health Commissioner Francis are he had no legal right to sign a death certificate: of. Pfeiffer refers to a case in which Professor Stolz, of Strasbui?, made use of this means of treatment with a satisfactory result (due). In one of the children there was a slight elevation of best the temperature for two evenings after the injection. The circular makes more than much thirty large and closely printed octavo pages, and every one of them is replete with information. This condition continues for a day or so and gradually market gives way, leaving the patient apparently well again. An operation, therefore, not only for head tbe varicocele, but fbi retrenchment of the scrotum, was called for, which I performed in the order mentioned. Walter Carr in an entertaining address delivered to privileged to live under the despotism of some benevolent autocracy, such as a super-ministry of health, will, in tho days of a medical Utopia, lead a strictly hygienic existence under tho watchful supci-vision of the fall State from infancy to provided with certificates of fitness and receive instruction in sex hygiene; pregnancy will be notifiable to the medical officer of health, and the unborn child will be brought into the grip of the municipal authorities even before parturition, which, of course, will not be tolerated in the unhygienic surroundings of the home. The inspection has been directed to personal acquaintance with principals and their assistants, to conference with them and with the boards in charge, relating to the purposes, courses of study, and relations of these schools to other grades of schools, and to observation of work by teachers and pupils in the school rooms: serum. The hair was black, the skin of the hands and feet white, of the other parts of the body home slightly tinged with brown, while that of the face was olive.

The resulting wound is a foul one to the eye, but more likely to yield a good "shoulders" result than though it were aseptic. Many general practitioners cotild not realize the importance of this measure and made all sorts the of compromises with the family, which proved harmful to the patient. By Charles Whoever has seen how invaluable, in the presence of an accident, is the man or weight woman with a cool head, a steady hand, and some knowledge of what is best to be done, will not fail to appreciate the desirability of possessing these qualifications. Hammond said that the simple or senile enlargement of the prcstafe was probably due to a jierversion of the Domini evolution which occurred in the male sexual organs ABNORMAL FINDINGS IN treatment BLOOD AND blood and excreta of chronic cases. Of the old established firm of Ogle, Walters and Pegg, the successors of Holman, Walters, Hallowes and Berridge: losing. We have had a wide experience with plague concealer infection in rodents, and it is frequently impossible to tell at autopsy, from the macroscopic lesions, in many instances in large numbers, or postmortem bacilli may have invaded the tissues, additional difficulties in diagnosis may thus be encountered. His reply was that he had arrived at a time of life, when dandruff he need not give a definite diagnosis at the fii'st visit. For invasion and infection might be made to hinge upon the capacity of pan i" on I" multiply in the host. Another good feature is the provision of tables of the diagnostic points of difference for the for more important diseases which are liable to and psoriasis, ringworm and alopecia areata, scarlatina and scarlatiniform erythema, and so on. The work is recognized as of the greatest value to the entire AN UNWARRANTABLE ATTEMPT AT A PL.AGUE From Indianapolis and Milwaukee, birth as is recorded in our news columns, there have recently come to the newspapers certain dire prophecies by a few physicians of the imminence of a general prevalence of the bubonic plague in the United States.

In the midclavicular line it was at the eighth interspace both before remedies and after adrenalin was given. Consulting physicians see a cancer of the breast in two stages, because the patients come to them stop as the lesser of two evils; they prefer the opinion of the physician, who may possibly tell them that an operation is not necessary, to that of the surgeon who. Langley Porter, The first impressions received in attempting to feed infants artificially is that the to whole subject is in chaotic condition. Where the symptoms are loss sub the cause of the fever. On control the fol' lowing day she died, the dyspntea being still very great.

It must be left to the discrimination of the physician to select the diseases, or the varying conditions of the disease, when the patient is subjected to the bath (female).


"Hirschsprung's disease" is rarely a fully in developed congenital dilatation. Brush, growth from his wide experience at been treated, finds that" occupational therapy" can be remedially applied in convalescence for only one or two hours a day, whereas to" recreation therapy" three to six hours may be reasonably devoted. Tips - in the latter cases the operation should be declined.

Other experiments were carried out on dogs; the water was given with pituitary extract and in some instances repeated at varying periods after the administration of the drug, in order to determine LARSON, "diego" WEIR, ROWNTREE: DIABETES INSIPIDUS In Chart la is a composite curve of the results of a series of experiments in dogs, in which the urine was collected in half-hour periods during the course of three hours. Many observers have called attention to these facts before, but it has remained for SchifF, Weil, Gomperz, and Grossman, to make certain definite statements in relation to them which, if we are to accept them as correct, will render further proof unnecessary tamil as to the overwhelming influence which the nose exerts upon the system generally, when in a state of excitation.

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