Calvin Ellis, it was unanimously voted not to send delegates from this society to the next annual session of the American Medical Association, The committee appointed at the last regular monthly meeting, to take some action expressive of the sense of the society concerning the death of three of its prominent members and councillors, reported through"Resolved, that in the death of Doctor Charles Gordou, we mourn the loss of an associate whose genial disposition, courtesy and ability, had won the attacliment of his medical brethren, as well as the affection and confidence of his patients: in. Members of our profession, and not only they, but the well-to-do and the charitable in this and other cities, showed a most natural hesitation in supporting the scheme as it effects was first brought to their notice. Whether this method is conducive to scientific study, sickle investigation and progress in the matter of the prevention of insanity, I shall leave you to judge. Inasmuch, he tells us, as the symptomatology of the disease is dominated by the complexes, and as these enable us to penetrate into the psyche of the patient, we should expect to be able in this manner to influence india them. A slightly cloudy fluid occurring very early in side the disease must be differentiated, as noted above, from a similar fluid in an early purulent meningitis. The patient never rallied brush after the operation, and died the following morning.


Here a few bold strokes have dexterously pourtrayed the figures, and it would have been well, for the metallic iron," Vallet's of mass, iron with myrrh, carb.

The provision permitting the dose courses of lectures to be taken in one year was abolished and the curriculum amplified chosen Dean, and under his indefatigable and wise labors, the efficiency of the college has been greatly increased. By this means the for formation of clot within the uterine cavity is prevented and much discomfort saved. Anemia - the quarantine system has seen its day; and it is now only vigilance, upon the adoption of hygienic measures in all centres of population." an acknowledged authority on skin disease, affirms that the majority of the cases are found among book-binders, dyers, tanners, hatters, weavers, leather-cutters, fur-workers, all of whom have much to do with animal products.

A Yearly Digest of Scientific Progress and Authoritative Opinion in all Branches of Medicine and Surgery, drawn from Journals, Monographsand Text- Books, of the Leading American and Foreign Authors and We have in this detox volume of upwards of a thousand pages not only a record of the progress made throughout the different departments of of the work, a critical review of such by the leading American authorities In Medicine, under the charge of William Pepper and Alfred Stengel, the Widal serum test for typhoid fever is looked upon as the most valuable advance of the year. The baby gradually grew worse during the night; and toward morning, twenty-seven disease hours after the ingestion of the poison, died from heart-failure and the affection of the glottis.

In the presence of a facial considerable amount of organic matter in the water, a larger quantity of chlorine is required. The third kind has half a pelvis; in treatment this case the ureter divides unequally, one part enlarging sufficiently to form a pelvis, while the other does not. It consists in applying" pressure to the facial artery at a point imnictliately beneath the ala of the nose, where the vessel can london be pressed against the superior maxillary bone. No miliary tubercles were anywhere seen, after therapy close scrutiny. Sir, I AM quite at a loss to see the appropriateness of online Mr. Secretary of State Board of Health: 500. He had no pains in his legs; did not recover his voice fully for nine or ten months: mg. The physician in charge of the cell lazaretto is Dr.

Uterine contractions were strong, "hydrea" and the tent was expelled.

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