The degree of Master of Arts "sickle" was conferred on the following students of the four years' course: Franklin Asaph Dunbar, BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. These attacks of diarrhea are preceded brush by periods of unusually good gaining and freedom from vomiting. Then beyond the margin of the chancre we find medication the same condition of the vessels in skin which to the eye seemed normal. The paper as seeming to take the and old view when speaking of a perineal body. The cells of the anterior horns, when stained by XissFs method, showed partial or complete absence of the chromophilic masses Avhich, in a healthy ganglion cell, are grouped concentrically about the production nucleus, are arranged in rows along the cell borders, and are prolonged as slender rods into the dendrites.

The skin is red and presents a marbling over the instep due to the dilatation of the subcutaneous veins, especially numerous in The general symptoms slowly subside, the hydroxyurea oedema loses its hardness and then fluctuation can be made out in the abscess in the os calcis. Further, the absence of cotton-seed oil was absolutely demonstrated by a number of tests, of which some of the most important were the sulphuric effects and nitric acid color tests of Professor Sharpies. Disease - the committee will be expected to advise in connection with general policies, setting of standards, selection of rates, methods of payment for services, and such other matters as may well be brought to the attention of Added information was to the effect that this board has already designated centers in Pennsylvania for vocational rehabilitation. The cases of Forster and Schweigger are significant, but not demonstrative: of. The needles should be kept in position for an hour or thereabout, the limb being covered by a cage to keep off the pressure of the bed-clothes: gloves. It is probable that the changes in the islet cells of these patients were of long enough duration to have become permanent, and probably would not have responded anemia very much to even large doses of estrogen. Likewise a large proportion treatment of cases of aneurysm of the cerebral arteries, and of the large vessels of the body, ai-e of syphilitic origin. Disinfection of the water as it is supplied to the pool can be done accurately and with satisfactory results provided the water is free from;urbidity, and not excessively high in dosage Dacteria. Skin - the flowers are from two to six in number, and usually blue or purple, though varying much in color. Long will her memory be cherished by all whose lives 500 were happily The annual meeting of the First Councilor District Following the luncheon, Mrs.

Miss Margaret Sutton, president, presided over a short london Medical Benevolence Fund of the State Medical Society. At the end of cell the article is a table which shows the anomalies of menstruation before and in consequence of the three following forms DDCTS OF GARTNER IN THE FEMALE.

If they are of mg the latter deseription it must bo stated from what port they originally came. Is it more convenient for the general hospital to have a patient commit suicide at home than to provide quarters in the hospital where he cannot accomplish this purpose? Is the noise of an agitated psychotic patient any harder to dampen than that of the confused patient in advanced nephritic disease? Even a superficial consideration of the question of the care of the mentally ill patient in general hospitals leads one to a few conclusions which seem entirely reasonable (in).


It is suitable for all the acuter forms of inflammation (except in cases of acute, frank, recent gonorrhoeal cystitis, in which the nitrate of silver price has the preference), and it is the substance I almost invariably commence with, in a solution in water of about three per cent, increasing at each injection up to six, nine, and twelve per cent. From the standpoint of mental hygiene we shall have to direct ourselves toward three problems: the investigation of the cause of these mental states; the education of the Government and the public in preventive measures; and the correction, as far as possible, of the existing Why there is an increase in the number of for neuro-psychiatric cases is a very hard question, at present, to answer.

Impact - it promotes the appetite, enables the stomach to endure suitable nourishment, favors the early re-establishment of digestion, and will be tolerated by the stomach, when other tonics are rejected. Its root nitric is fusiform, white, and bitter, and will probably act as a bitter-tonic; the fruit or berries are slightly acid and edible, with a faint bitterness. Probably, however, some of the successful cases treated conservatively, and rejected from the table on account of uncertainty as to the exact nature of the injury were in reality hip-joint fractures and should count to the credit of this method of treatment, and of the cases treated by operation the successes are probably all reported, while a certain number of unsuccessful operations were doubtless not returned by the The following rule is laid down for the treatment of shot wounds of the hip-joint:" Expectant treatment is to be condemned in all cases in which the diagnosis of direct injury to the articulation can be clearly established; primary excisions of the head or upper extremity of the femur should be performed in all uncomplicated cases of shot fracture of the head or neck; intermediary excisions are indicated in similar cases "side" where the diagnosis is not made out till late; secondary excisions are demanded by caries of the head of the femur or secondary involvement of the joint; amputation or the upper extremity of the femur comminuted with great laceration of the soft parts, in such proximity to the trunk that amputation in the continuity is or trochanters of the femur is complicated with a fracture involving the hip joint is complicated by a severe compound fracture of the limb lower down, or by a wound of the knee-joint." Next in order come shot fractures of the shaft of the femur. Bowditch, he dose gained access to the higher professional circles, which were to him an additional inspiration.

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