It is probable that excessive indulgence in alcoholic drinks may give rise to it. A certain amount of sugar is undoubtedly absorbed from clysters, but the quantity absorbed by rectal use is very much less weight than that when taken by the mouth. But the susceptibility of different persons to opium varies greatly, and in peritonitis, as in some other diseases, there is sometimes an extraordinary tolerance of this remedy. Wasdin, who claimed that the Marine-Hospital Service Commission, of which he was a member, furnished the indubitable proofs of the truth of the Sanarelli contentions, says himself:"All that Sanarelli proved in his memoirs was the presence of an organism not before obtained in yellow fever; counter that it possessed powers pathogenic to animals by artificial infection; that its toxins had proven toxic to man and animals, the lesions produced resembling It is peculiar that Sanarelli contented himself with that evidence; he should have but adduced the fact that, under circumstances of artificial inoculation, icteroides is pathogenic, g'ving rise to The bacillus of Havreberg, the hog cholera ba cillus, the bacillus coli communis, do the same thing.

Various measures of treatment were employed in the cases which have been reported. A copious secretion of urine, with increased thirst, of urine in the twenty-four hours.

Unless the case is seen from the outset it may be very difficult to determine the true nature of the malady.

Aside from a mild diarrhoea, it gives no warning of the attack.

Laxative remedies are not to be continued for a longer period than is required to secure an habitual action of the bowels. There was considerable blood in the uterine cavity and the descending colon and the whole of the sigmoid flexure were torn free from the serous coat and opened: the. Intensity and shortening the duration of the attack.


As soon as the so-called rice-water or choleraic stools are apparent, the patient is to be considered as attacked with cholera. The latter are distinguished as cases of simple hypertrophy and of simple dilatation: uk. Tuberculous ulcerations are sometimes found in the large, as well as in the small, intestine, and they may be confined to the india former. Myotonic reac tion was not present although after several contractions a tonic contraction would occur (over). It causes an increased flow of all anti the digestive juices.

Further, alcohol definitely interferes with the absorption of best the food nitrogen. The two terms cms and pedunculus are used convertibly, without consistency, in many that modern text-books. Erythematous inflammation of the mouth and pharynx is frequently i)resent in cases of epidemic parotiditis.

The hemorrliages in the retina are usually small, not more than a quarter to a half the diameter of the optic papilla. Stone "pills" JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Memorial Address Delivered to the Graduating Class troversion of the Uterus in Fruitful Women, Etc. His opsonic gonococci was immediately work given. But as a mere roughness of the valve may give rise to a murmur with the characters just mentioned, without regurgitation, the name just given is not always gain strictly correct. The inner elastic membrane is well seen (loss).

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