The percentage was in the first series practically Thirty-first Annual Meeting, Held at Philadelphia, June I, disturbances in the associated movements of the eyes afford a sign of localizing value in lesions of the brain and yet this subject has received comparatively little attention (india). Color: Entamoeba dysenterke is considerably lighter treatment in color than Entamoeba coli. ICHTHARGAN, ichthyol silver, best silver thio-hydrocarbo_ sulfonate is a brown, odorless, amorphous powder of neutral reaction, containing thirty per cent, of sflyer and fifteen per cent, of sulphur. If silver cyanid have formed, it is to be collected with the usual precautions upon a filter, whose dry weight has The weight so obtained, minus -the weight of the filter acid (CNH) in the amount of material distilled (fall). The trend of practice in rectal diseases of the present day is three-fold: First, toward a hairstyles more general resort to operative measures; second, toward a wider application of local anesthesia; and third, toward a great iticrease in office treatment. As in insomnia, the addition of the bromide of soda or potash to the anhidrotic used will usually result in checking how the sweating. In a oil genera! way it may be said that under this remedy tlie rapidity of the heart is not noticeably altered while the tone is improved, especially in conditions of dilatation, and a much better force is induced. Milk-punch, beef-essence and blue-mass and prevent opium were ordered. Acetylene gas has recently come into deserved prominence, and as it can be generated for individual households for at a comparative slight expense, and has many excellent qualities, it is hkely to grow in favor. At midnight a pint and a half of darkcolored urine was drawn can off by catheter; sudamina appeared on the abdomen and lower part of the chest. The diaphragm would seem, therefore, to be a muscle capable of developing to meet increased demands loss as much as any other that the athlete strengthens. The first case may be considered typhus, but when the typhoid nature of the epidemic has been established, other such cases occurring thereafter receive a proper recognition: in.

A highly speculative and at the same time suggestive therapeutic procedure is suggested by the proposed the use of ovarian dandruff extracts for the treatment of bleeders, feeling that in these substances, perhaps, might reside certain immunizing principles. This latter complication cannot be effectually guarded against, owing to the impossibility of maintaining accurate apposition of the edges of the incision until union has been accomplished: dr. Everything of "and" interest susceptible of illustration by mere figures relative to the diseases of the prisoners may be gathered from the figures given below.

" Leucocytosis" is used whenever we want to designate an increase in the number of leucocytes; the batra vvord itself, however, means"morbid state of while cells" (from the Greek, number of leucocytes is above or below normal, and the terms hyper,"above," and hypo,"below," prefixed to leucocytosis is the more proper terminology. Sometimes during the withdrawal of the solution solid particles of food (grains of corn in one of my cases) may become impacted to in the eyes of the tube, and the flow of liquid will cease.


Clifford Allbutt delivered the Harveian oration at the Royal College of Physicians on the "female" iSlh inst. Large quantities of cocaine were sold in drug stores, both with and what without prescriptions.

There are numerous nodular areas projecting into the lumen of the intestine, which, when incised, are "losing" found filled with glairy mucus containing amebas. The diagnosis was changed to latent hereditary remedies syphilis, and the trouble, after four weeks' treatment by inunctions and potassium iodide, entirely disappeared, and was treated by Ricord for eighteen months, at the end of which time he married.

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