How to make your small business sound like a Fortune 500 company

How small businesses are using their phone system to level the playing field.


Your phone system is your customer's first impression of your company. It is arguably as important or even more important than your website. In this session I will talk to you about the 5 biggest mistakes that companies make with regard to their phone system, how to save money running your phone system over the Internet, how to make your company sound big even if it is small, how to record your calls, receive your voice mails and faxes via email, use your work extension from home, and never, ever let your customer hear a busy signal again.

Undergraduate MIS degree from SMU, MBA from Old Dominion University. Worked as a programmer, system's administrator, and system's designer out of college. Started Apollo Hosting, Inc. in 2009 out of her house and grew it to over 35 employees and 5,000 customers world-wide. Sold Apollo Hosting 10 years later to Endurance International. Started Press8 Telecom in 2006, currently President/CEO. Extensive experience in hosted applications, and telecom in the cloud technologies. Press8 offers a VoIP hosted phone system that saves small businesses up to 50% off their phone bills and makes them more productive.