How to Hire the Best People

Things to consider when hiring new talent


Talent Acquisition is the most important decision you will need to make when running your own business. The right talent can help your company to overcome obstacles and shine above your competition. The wrong talent can drag down your workforce and can be costly to replace.

Get it right the first time after hearing some great tips and tricks surrounding:

* Where to find the talent
* How to write a job description
* How to screen/filter your submissions
* How to interview quality talent
* How to negotiate an offer

Time will be allowed for open questions surrounding any hiring issues that you and your company are currently facing.

Kim Brushaber spent 12 years as a techie. 7 1/2 of those years were spent building, supporting and maintaining Applicant Tracking Systems (used for Hiring). Kim then transitioned to a role as a Technical Recruiter. In March of 2009, Kim started Bridge ATX. Bridge ATX's mission is to help individuals to connect to each other to solve business issues. Bridge ATX hosts a monthly Networking Event and two weekly newsletters. Kim also helps companies with hiring consultations and visibility coaching. Kim is also the Director of Networking for Austin Career Coaching, helping job seekers to become more connected to the companies that they want to work for.