How to create a Million Dollar Business from scratch

The “Making It” Track is about an entrepreneur who have built a successful product-based business.


This lecture will take you through the journey of a small Austin Home based company that grew 5X it's size in it's first year ,then went on to become a top selling brand in it's a catagory. Ann Webb grew her skincare line, Skin by Ann Webb organically. She will give you insights on how she got there and share tips on how to create any type of product line successfully.

Founder / CEO
I developed my passion for skin care at a young age when I faced my own struggles with severe cystic acne. I had limited resources for receiving medical treatments in the small town of Gueydan, Louisiana, so I traveled to neighboring cities to get access to the information I needed. During my search I found that most dermatological treatment protocols were the same until I met Dr. Brent Schillinger. I was fascinated by his hands-on, specialized acne protocols that finally brought about a positive change in my skin. This fateful meeting began my journey into the world of esthetics. I would go on to work for the PGA Spa, The Florida Center of Cosmetic Surgery, and serve as Cosmetic Director for the Austin Plastic Surgery Center while maintaining an esthetics studio in my home. Making products came about when I recognized a need for affordable, clean products for my local clients. I had already contributed to the development of two other product lines, and I was ready to put more than 10 years of research and labor into a line of my own. I envisioned a product line that was affordable, simple to use, and contained the best pharmaceutical-grade ingredients available. I was content selling Skin by Ann Webb products in my home studio, but that all changed when a Whole Foods Market buyer knocked on my door. Within a year we grew from 20 accounts to 150. Today, Three years later we have 750 accounts. During my lecture I would like to share with you the business model I used to grow our company. I'll share a few surprising business stratagies and some clever technonlgies we used to become one of the top selling skincare lines in the natural industry.