How to Accelerate the Idea-to-Market Process

The Power of Collaborative Innovation


Come learn how Conley Giles, veteran inventor at The School of Invention, found his way through the "school of hard knocks" to create a collaborative model for invention that accelerates and optimizes the product-to-market process. He, along with SOI Business Development & Commercialization Strategist, Scott Evans, will weigh in on the risks and rewards associated with going to market alone, versus, as part of collaborative team. Scott, drawing upon his experience working with emerging technology companies on "innovation methods," will share his insights on how to 1. identify the right players, 2. build the right team, and 3. foster productive communication, by illustrating his "5 Actions for Team Innovation."


Public parking is available on 7th and San Antonio Streets.
Co-Founder and President
Conley is a Co-Founder and President of The School of Invention. He is an experienced entrepreneur and inventor with over 25 years of designing, developing and bringing new products to market. He has patents for business processes, building components, packaging systems, and sporting goods. As an entrepreneur he has established multiple startups around these patents such as Nova Technologies, Nuline Inc, SapeloInc, PromoOrder/Smartpromo Inc, HoamFoam Alliance and Eco Retro Systems. In his spare time Conley enjoys running , conducting Invention workshops and is an active member of the Austin Toastmasters Club.