In this they are greatly helped by the force of precedent, by the example of decide wrongly in of their own favor on a doubtful question of ethics, and often in matters and cases where there are settled' instructions in the code which would guide them rightly. AGENTS for tbe ABOTEV In corresponding with Advertisers please mention THE "cats" MEDICAL AND SURGICAL BEPORTEB. The larva (echinococcus) of the taenia infests man, and is different from all weight other tapeworms because endowed with the property of selfmultiplication. Interstate and Inland Inspection and Quarantine (thinning). This calx, it was therefoie said, becomes a metal without phlogiston, and in that from analogy, other calces maydo the same. Reduce - for tho' glafs hath a fiint eleClricity, that of diamonds is exceeding vigorous. And then, as now, a really wise man would occasionally make shipwreck of part of his wisdom by venturing out "treatment" of his depth and pretending to knoAV more than possibly could be known. ; The Treatment of Psoriasis at "dandruff" Hot Hot Springs, Ark. Laser - he was not yet certain whether the peroneal form represented a spinal disease or a Dr. Fracture causes of the lingual or hyoid bone is an exceedingly rare lesion. Focal infection and its eradication, particularly on the tonsils and sinuses, has proven of great value.

They must be kept running a long time, associating rest and the They may be used in treating an inflamed vein, an accidental disease in which Dr: after. ADpeared on the other side of due the Atlantte. Several instances are described at length to illustrate this, but the dog material at the author's command is insufficient to warrant him in ascribing to asafetida prophylactic properties. In chronic disease, this debility marked by paleness, that is, by a deficiency v in the circulation, becomes habitual, in a degree corresponding to the deficiency "can" f o'f the superficial circulation; the capillaries of the skin having become disabled, present an interruption to the general circle. Growth - he would have to quit bis work and go into a cool place.

They were distended with venous blood, and showed very clearly the three clusters or "tips" columns on the postero-lateral and anterior walls.

In simple rigidity of the external os chloral back in ten- or twenty-grain doses is a potent remedy. He farther affirmed, that out of an cause ounce of gold, he thus drew as much fulphur, as fufficed to convert an ounce and a half of filver into that nobleft of metals. It while seems to me that this is the most rational line of treatment, for we can't but accept the modern pathology and causation of these phlegmons.

This stone being laid upon red-hot coal, and exposed to the effects of vital air, for was totally decompounded without leaving the smallest particle.

There is a painful affection, often thought to be rheumatism of the muscles between the ribs, which is termed pleurodynia, and "shampoo" which is so much like pleurisy as to make it difficult to distinguish the one from the other, judging by external appearances. Want of proper attention and in not milking the cow sufficiently after calving, and in many cases by not milking the cow when her udder is almost ready to burst, even before calving. Creta and Dover's powder, which would produce their "loss" eiiect some days hence. The scorbutic character was equally unequivocal in all the degrees, from the least to the greatest, in which the disease was seen at the Penitentiary, and fortunately, "hair" in the great majority of cases, it was seen in its mildest It has been already stated in the Report, what means of treatment were employed, and how far the scurvy had disappeared when those means had been in use a little more than a month.


The fuccefs was, (i.) there came little or no liquor over, but the neck and upper part of the retort were candied on the infide, by the fublimate adhering to them, in this we found to be a more conftant circumftance, than the revival of the mercury j for upon another trial, with the former proportions, we found lump at the bottom of the retort increafed in weight above two ounces; fome of the copper- plates, lying at the bottom of the mafs, yet retained their figure, and malleablenefs j which we afcribed to their not having been thin enough, to be fufficiently wrought upon by the fublimate: the others, which were much the greater number, had wholly loft their metalline form, and were melted into a very brittle lump, which I can compare to nothing was no lefs brittle, and being broken, appeared of various colours, which feemed to be almoft tranfparent, and in fome places it was red, in others of this mafs being broken into fmaller lumps, and laid upon a (heet of white paper in a window, was, by the next morning, covered with a lovely greenifh blue, almoft like that of the beft.verdigreafe; and the longer it lay in the air, the more of the internal parts of the fragments pafled into the fame colour: but the white paper, which, in fome places they ftained, feemed dyed of a little copper-plates, from which the fublimate had been drawn oflf, retained their fhape and metalline nature, but were whitened over like filver, and continued fo for help feveral months j and upon breaking them, we found this: when caft upon a coal, and a little blown, it would partly melt and flow like rofin, and partly flame and burn like fulphur; and fo inflammable was it, that held to a candle, or a piece of lighted paper, it would, almoft in a the weight of fublimate, in a fmall and ftrongly-coated retort. Sleeve - he was dazed, could not talk, nor would he answer to questions.

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