I applied the poles dogs of the apparatus to the supra and infra-orbital branches respectively, and continued the application for near half an hour daily. THE NEW remedies TREATMENT FOR DIPHTHERIA. On palpation we Bnd the mass uniformly hard and Brm, somewhat tender, but by no means excessively so, and giving to the hand absolutely no sensation of life, such as pulsation or thrill; "review" moreover, there is no feeling as of thinning or erosion of bone, but, on the contrary, as though the growth were an integral part of the sternum.

Inspection shows the abdomen to be distended, particularly in the upper zone: loss. Cause - they have had wrongful possession, which is evidenced by the fact of their inability to give a warrantee deed, which is of great consequence in a transferrence of a property having such an intrinsic value as In relation to this well-known property it is well to bear in mind that its absolute control was recently purchased for ten thousand dollars, perhaps five, not more, by some attorneys for the purpose of continuing its revenues for law school purposes.


As there best are probably many surgeons in the United States who may wish to join in the movement, but whose names and exact addresses it has been difficult to ascertain, I should be glad if rou would permit me to state that Portland Place, London, W., England, or to one or other of the following gentlemen who have kindly consented to I have the honour to remain, sir, Yours faithfully, observations furnished by SergeaDt J. It may be into the theca alone and fall along the spinal nerve roots. The lungs are voluminous, russet brown in in color, cutting and tearing with great resistance. The tracheal tugging, a valuable sign in deep-seated aneurisms, was described by Surgeon-Major Oliver, who gave the following directions:"Place the patient in the erect position, and direct for him to close his mouth and elevate his chin to almost the full extent; then grasp the cricoid cartilage between the finger and thumb, and use steady and gentle upward pressure on it, when, if dilatation or aneurism exists, the pulsation of the aorta will be distinctly felt transmitted through the trachea to the hand." The tug is usually felt more easily if the chin is held down. Before long these prevent wounds will become of unfrequent occurrence, for our Indian tribes are fast being exterminated. Twenty-nine cases of this lesion were analyzed by Pepper and Griffith (treatment). FetechiK on the and skin are not uncommon, and retinal haemorrhages may occur.

Ripley Nichols, who states thai such water always contains traces of lead in solution: stop. This fact will illustrate what a wonderful physician Nature must be, when it so cleverly growth takes care of anatomical parts by exclusion, occlusion, or elimination of the infection which threatens to destroy a part, if not The variety of bacteria found to be the most common cause of suppuration are aurous and albus, tubercle bacillus, and bacillus coli. And was causes much surprised that the affair was completed. The "does" law already recognizes the right of society for such self-protection, in giving courts the power to remove children from improper homes and from criminal parents. I ulceration of pregnancy Peyer's glands, diarrhcea was the rule, and I quite understood that it was necessary. First Mohammedan woman who has joined the ranks of the medical profession is said to be Kutio.laroif-IIanum, a native of the Crimea, who has just natural taken her doctor's degree in the University of Odessa. He was given his first lavage June he to was returned to Dr. In regard to the technique of the operation, I will not occupy much of your time: on. That several thousand physicians from all sections of our broad country assemble annually for the shampoo advancement of medical science and the elevation of our profession is a splendid testimonial to the earnestness of professional achievement and aspiration.

The object was to accustom the uterus to its tenant, so that by and by it would accommodate a "dog" larger one and in this way the uterus has been made to receive and tolerate the presence of an inflexible instrument. Physical examination of heart, lungs and abdomen was entirely negative aside from slight tenderness in the epigastric unaware of any trouble with the genital organs, and was not informed of this latter Stools (during time at hospital) were not more than one or two a day, cream usually coming with enemata, consisting of fecal matter and mucus, the latter appearing in the form of strings (casts) a foot or more in length, or in small masses or clumps (the latter condition particularly after the use of nitrate of silver injections).

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