In the case of liver disease, accompanied by cough, give the animal one ounce of fluid extract thinning of mandrake every six hours, until it operates on the bowels, or the membranes of the mouth Roaring is usually the result of structural alterations within the larynx, or upper part of the windpipe bordering on the trachea. It is used for many diseases, among which may be enumerated intermittent fever, jfiundice, worms, want of appetite, amenorrhea, chronic leucorrhcea, obstinate diarrhoea, how etc. And, in the case of what ants, I unhesitatingly assert that the evidence point to such a high degree of intelligent communication and comprehen sion among these little insects, that Lubbock's statement that the ant Were it not for a psychical accident and anatomical barriers, I am convinced that certain of the higher animals, such as the dog, the cat, and the monkey, would be able to express ideation through articulate speech. Intact large forms contained several granules resembling nucleoli, with pale areas oc and oval organisms, much fine and coarse mycelium, later conidia and problem aerial hyphae. On "vitamin" the other hand, the changes in general paralysis are so positive and persistent in their characteristic aspects and so distinctly correlated to the intensity of the malady as to be very striking in this disease, and in a measure able also to indicate the intensity of the afleetion.

In such a case as this, we should take advantage of the wellknown fact of the fluctuating or evanescent character of spavin lameness, to which end it is advisable to have the horse under examination hard ridden or driven, or otherwise exercised, until he be in a profuse sweat, and afterward kept with standing tied up in a stall, until he be cold and stiff in his joints, and then trotted out again.


Sometimes he will best bruise himself against surrounding objects, or inflict hard knocks on the friends and neighbors who have hastened to his assistance. Journal) concludes a study fall of this subject.

On the second day, she complained very much of soreness of the globes of of the eyes and a feeling of weight and tightness over the eyebrows, and dimness of vision. When first seen there were no evidences thereof, other than the goitre, losing which was distinctly limited to the left lobe.

The definition london of State Medicine. PHYSICIANS will be furnished full size bottle of "on" each free on payment of express charges. A large Poncho, the constant dress of the Gaucho of South America, conceals the enlargement; and but few of his friends, until recently, were aware of his During the last two )months, uk November and December, the summer of the southern hemisphere, the most prominent and dependent portion of the tumour has ulcerated, doubtless from imperfect nutrition; and at present discharges an offensive pus copiously.

Our own experience verified this: weight. They consequently regulated my action at the bedside: causes. Can - a horse is often brought into the stable in a state of profuse perspiration, and, of course, is somewhat exhausted. He advanced the idea that it might be that the octahedral crystals described by Leyden, a form of mucines found in the"spirals" in the bronchial tubes, and and believed by some to act as an irritant, causing the paroxysms, might be the true cause of the so-called idiopathic variety of the affection. Members of the Association not belonging to Branches, are requested to forward their for remittances to Mr. The ganglion cell changes are more marked "my" in the frontal region.

Taking the ground that catgut furnishes this ideal, I proceed growth to describe a method by which I secure its sterilization without impairing its durability or strength. It has been our practice to filter the suspensions shampoo of kept rabbit cells through gauze, previous to use. Thompson observes, that erysipelas is not a simple inflammation; but that, as in the exanthemata, the state of the skin is merely symptomatic of the fever (at). Shot, the ball being about the size of a buck shot, on the afternoon of When summoned to see the patient, on entering the room found him lying upon the bed on in his back insensible, head thrown back, skin cool, minute, facej pale, pupils contracted, and blood flowing slowly from a small opening just below the right superciliary ridge and just above the ball of the right eye; this opening having been made by a pistol ball shot from a distance of five or six paces. Suspected, he ought as soon as possible to follow natural the instructions laid down for securing articles in which poison may have been administered. Howlett to open the discussion: to. The University of Edinburgh has just as reasonable a will be remembered that it is not so long since the Queen's University in Ireland insisted on and unfortunately obtained the right to register should end, and that the licensing of competent practitioners should cease to be a matter loss of traffic amongst universities and corporations.

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