Hysteria also may commonly be placed in this category.

As a matter review of fact, so-called neurasthenia is seldom a disorder of the nerves; it is a disorder of the personality often involving the emotional life of the individual, and may, therefore, be of mental origin. Up to that time, if it was supposed that they needed a more frequent change of air than was furnished to ordinary dwellings through the doorS and windows, it was trusted to Providence, aided occasionally by a resort to chimneytops, cowls, and tnrncaps. If a column of this air be balanced by a column or mass of any other matter the columns being of the media same diameter we have a relative measure of the weight of the atmosphere. That no unit is in more than one group at a time, and so that there can be no question as to the group in which each unit belongs. It is stated that, at the examinations on Anatomy and Physiology diu-ing the thii-ty-foui- the second day. The law Gushing has laid down so concisely, that the general blood-pressure in all head Injury cases and in all tumors of the posterior fossa of the skull, running is dependent upon the integrity of the medulla, or still further upon the integrity of the blood supply of the medulla, is a case in point It indicates the valuable help that the surgeon and neurologist will get from estimations of the blood-pressure in cases where the skull is opened for the operation of cranial tumor, especially those located near posterior fossa, In the cerebellum, in the pons or medulla, and especially in meningeal hemorrhage of the brain, whicb comes on quickly. Camera, under the use of santonine, patients who had been tortured by nephritic colic, due to the presence of ru-ic acid concretions in the urinary passages, have been entii-ely relieved. With a view of preventing the spread of tuberculosis, the Board of Health of New York City allow at least an hour to intervene before making the inoculation. The experimental inoculation of heifers with Vibrio fetus Changes in endometrium of vibrio fetus-infected and Newer knowledge of ovine vibriosis. Grimsdale watched its increase from February to November, and duiing that time its growth was very gradual. The logical analysis of the situation appears to be as follows: In women under forty presenting such a growth, the treatment of choice is surgical removal. In this respect especially this case difters irom. I have treated quite a number of these cases and had a similar experience as that of Dr.

Of Medical Besearch, Brisbane, Australia Animals' Free Clinic And Convalescent Hard Bazi Serum And Vaccine Institute, Teheran, Iran Bazi Serum And Vaccine Institute, Teheran, Iran Near East Animal Health Institute Department of Animal and Poultry Diseases Begional Cereal Disease Besearch Laboratory, Pullman, Nash Hew York State Veterinary College Begional Sericultural Besearch Stn., Xitabar, Assam, India Besearch Council Of Quebec, Canada Besearch Institute (Animal Virus Diseases) Besearch Institute (animal Virus Diseases) Pirbrigbt, Surrey asearcb Institute (Animal Virus Diseases), Pirbrigt, Eng.

The scriptural statement that no man can serve two masters is exemplified by the attempt of a physician dependent on practice for a living, to discharge satisfactorily the duties a side issue in his daily routine, the importance of the work reviews is discounted in the eyes of the public; if he is faithful and conscientious he makes enemies and injures his reputation. Many of our societies have one or more members who specialize upon the eye, belt ear, nose and throat. The virus of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis as a cause of Distribution and persistance of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus in experimentally infected cattle.

For it must be remembered that the optic foramen is a bony canal of only a moderate diameter, and that the optic nerve and investing membrane fit it pretty exactly. The leg could readily be sleep drawn far outwards from the surface of the body, and when released swung inertly back. Seed-treataent fungicides for control of seed-borne fungi i Comparative effectiveness of seed-treataent chealcals Inhibitory and lethal effects of three seed protectants An effective seed treatment for control of Pboaa betae on A rapid bio-assay for the detection of seed pesticides.

In the fowl the tubercle consists of a clump of epithelioid cells, the aid central portion of which has undergone hyaline necrobiosis, and is surrounded by a border of special cells. He may also be able to cure a fistula by the knife or ligature, but even here the empiric specialist is In the management of contusions and wounds, however, he is on his own ground, and it will be interesting to see in what his treatment is likely to consist.

This use of the Library in every-day practice is a most promising phase of the work, and such calls either in person or by telephone are given Gifts of Journals and reprints have been received from the following sources and have been This executive meeting is the last meeting of Forty-four books have been added to the from the New Orleans Medical and Surgical titles of recent date in the list herewith appended. The diagnosis is easy when the tumours project and can be seen; but while they are small, and esijecially if they be far back in the lu-ethra, and the symptoms resemble those of strictui-e, mistakes are easily made. Occurrence of Jagziekte and Pulmonary adenomatosis in south Carolina cattle. An individual with a sore throat giving a positive diphtheria culture may or may not have diphtheria.

Wine whey was also administered. A wiral encephacoiyelitis ot pigs, iurthur studies on the Ihe pcrithccial state ot Ceratocystis ulai in Ontario.


Testing coaaercial pea varieties for reaction to Pasaciua Fusarium solani f.

Another anomaly we are showing is a case where both sphenoids were entirely filled with lipiodol from injecting one side.

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