Generation Savvy: How's Your Generational IQ?

5 Generations In Your Market and Workforce - Vast Opportunity or Challenge?


This will be an interactive experience to learn of original research into what behaviors, attitudes, mindsets, and actions are being universally effective in this multi-generational market-place and work-force. Retention both of staff and of clients, plus informed, new staff recruiting will always be keys to your future success.

We will address what's working for you, what some of the challenges are being, and how to find middle-ground when differences seem quite vast between you and staff or you and parts of your client-base.

As a founding participant in Bootstrap Austin, plus within my national and more global client-base, it's become obvious developing to and for peers is not usually an ideal approach.

This is because it also most often means a lot of reinvention (not knowing what is obvious for other generations) - and also with growth, organizational needs change substantially. Most typically, a mainly-peer-resource outreach does not have the experience to share to lead you to new solutions.

You can become generationally brilliant and at the very least - quite effective. In fact, many of you already are,

Find during this session what characteristics and traits you already carry and demonstrate to leverage into the future. Handouts for your reflection will be provided. A list of companies that are "generationally savvy" will also be offered.


This will be an interactive session and you will be able to bring your questions and experiences to it to be considered for inclusion in being directly addressed
Sherry Lowry is a long-time entrepreneur, having so far founded and developed 7 businesses within 7 different industries, each on an emerging edge at the time. The Lowry Group, her current endeavor of the past 17 yrs, has recently expanded in 2008 to include the launch of Bridging Futures. This is an eCommerce venture to bring effectiveness-proven intellectual property multiple generations of talents together to be made publicly available, in many instances, for the first time. Additionally, Sherry is a workforce inter-generational specialist, and has a special interest in supporting clients in forming profit-center-sharing alliances and collaborations. She's to-date trained over 3,000 business coaches/mentors, and offers group and individual advanced learning in this area. More context is provided here: Facebook/LinkedIn: SherryLowry Twitter: @SherryLowry