Gaining Sales Leverage In Your Position as CEO or Sales Manager

Driving Revenue as a Sales Leader


Driving revenue is one of the most important functions of a business leader. Yet this is the role that many feel the least prepared for and training on managing sales organizations is spotty at best. A well-run sales organization can give a leader a massive competitive advantage during challenging economic times. This discussion is designed equip a leader to hire and manage a sales organization more effectively.

In this session you will learn:

· Keys to recruiting "A" player salespeople and why it is different than recruiting any other position in your company

· How to better manage expectations of your prospects and sales people during a tougher economic times

· Recognizing and overcoming the two major dips that every company faces with their sales organization

· Mastering measuring and metrics - the hope of sustainability

· Big month next month - what is wrong with my forecast?


Signs will be in the lobby to direct you to the conference room. Ample parking is available. It will be an easy session to get in and out.
Richard is currently a partner with Intergistic Solutions, a business and management consulting firm. He is a TAB® Certified Facilitator and a Strategic Business Leadership® Coach. As well, he is a licensed practitioner in all of the the following: Insights Discovery System, UnCommon Sense Sales System, Get Client's Nowtm, and the Quest Selling System. Richard is skilled in all aspects of business development including prospecting, presenting and account management. A former US Marine and Austin police officer, Richard has applied this disciplined lifestyle to the discipline of selling. His unique combination of vision, management, business and communication skills allows him to effectively coach individuals and businesses in the area of customer acquisition. Richard’s competencies and professional experiences include: U.S. Marine Corps--learned his most valuable management lesson: Effective organizational power comes from the alignment of a vision and a mission executed by a team of capable people. Austin Police Officer—learned to deal with people in crisis and use of available resources to bring conditions that are out-of-control into manageable situations. Successfully providing services to many of Austin’s largest companies including AMD, Sematech, Applied Materials, PPD, UPS, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, and Solectron. Proven effectiveness in consulting with sales teams as well as coaching individual sales people. Richard earned his Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice with a concentration in forensic science at the University of Southern Mississippi.