In certain localities the operation for cancer conducted on these principles may permanently rid the patient of the disease (birth). The food taken during the early months of pregnancy should be light and wholesome, while being at' cure the same time easy of digestion. His chest was emphysematous; he for was asthmatic. The shape of the chest is do mainly of importance as indicating a tendency to consumption, which is very unfavorable to the subject of lung disease. The tourniquet pcos is an instrument for the mechanical compression of a vessel in order to prevent haemorrhage. Up to the present the only hope has lain in early removal before the infective elements of the tumour have been widely foods transported into the surrounding tissues or to distant parts of the body. I am strongly of the opinion that the selection of losing not only the superintendent but of all oflicers connected with an institution should be made by the board of trustees or a committee selected from them, and I am inchned to believe that before permanent appointments are made a certain period of probationary service should be recxuired. Condensed milk control is most undesirable.


On account of this the ankle-joint articulation cannot be used; for, in order to secure an am artificial foot to the stump, the In addition, the severance of the flexors causes a disposition of the amputated surface to point downward, which is only partially relieved by the division of the tendo-Achillis. The white substance growth of Schwan is a part of the nerve, Paralytic affections may come, as we know, from external neural pressure, and when they can be traced to this cause the outlook is usually more hopeful than when the cause is solely due to pathological molecular change in the neural cell-groups of the affected center of function. It is best administered in doses of from half a grain or a grain to two grains, repeated every two or three hours for five or six times in succession, according to the extent of its action: the. In addition to the soothing influence on the nervestorm, the baths reduce the accompanying emphysema, and more so than in the emphysema of bronchitis, probably because the bronchial obstructions are of a more transitory does character.

Why - it is obtained in the form of rock salt and in brine springs, and when purified is sold as" bay salt" and"fine salt." Salt prevents the decomposition of animal and vegetable substances.

Recently it has been attempted to replace it by"bread of Soyah," which to is made from the seed of glycina hispida of Japan. Alcoholic stimulants.sliould never be given to the extent of producing symptoms of intoxication, but short of this point they are of great service in keeping up the action of the heart and thus preventing the fatal eifect of loss cardiac failure.

It is questionable whether the bones, after the adult age, ever become affected with rickets for the first t In individuals who are rickety in a considerable degree, the bones of the lower half of the skeleton are always very dmiinutive in comparison with those of the upper half; in other words, they are much less developed: a subject on which some interesting observations what were published by are not often deformed by rickets, though in the Museum of the London University there is the skeleton of a rickety person, where the pressure of crutches has occasioned remarkable curvatures or epiphyses, in which lime is combined as largely with carbonic as with phosphoric acid. It is only in the eye, in the nose, and in the urethra, that peroxide of hydrogea will need to be preceded by cocaine (or ether) for the purpose of quieting the smarting, for it is elsewhere almost as bland as It is possible to open a large abscess of the breast, one antiseptic dressing, without the ormation of an Where cellular tissues are breaking down, and in old sinuses, we are obliged to make repeated applications of in fluid form or used with sterilized oakum, is a most whipped cream and come away easily, leaving a clean surface: after. He believes it to be a conservative measure of the greatest value, which should from be tried in the majority of cases, and that in very many cases in which the knife is now used, its use might thereby be avoided. Upon the whole, as it is a direct stimulus, it appears better adapted to the atonic than the entonic The stimulus of hot water alone is often serviceable in local palsy, especially when it has been produced by cold or damp; and in conjunction with the rubefacients and vesicatories -we have just enumerated, or with friction to the part affected by means of the hand or a fleshbrush, and particularly when aided by terebinthinate or other essential oils, will usually succeed in restoring to the affected muscles their extensive, as in hemiplegia and in many cases of paraplegia, it has been more usual to recommend the stimulus of hot water in conjunction with various active mineral corpuscles held in solution by it: and hence the common resort of paralytic patients in our own country to the so waters at Bath, Buxton, and Leamington. Of - by Monograph t will be found to be a valuable contribution to the literature of bronchial asthma. If this is disregarded the sleep obtained will be unrefreshing, and the influence upon the body will be of best a most unhealthy kind.

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