We cast our votes for the" wet" faction, and treatment we (editorially) were on the more numerous side. At tlie same time the patient has cramps in the legs, dryness of the mouth, a slight elevation of temperature, and an acceleration of "fungal" the pulse. In health a cold bath has the same effect, but to infection a less extent. It should not mean a complicating ovarian tumor, for this should have been discovered at earlier cure examinations. It is based on Kormann's well-known work and supplemented by the skin author's knowledge, gained after a long and successful practice. The hand is kept between the hands of the teacher as the various movements are being carried out, while at the same time suggestion is made that the hand should be allowed to remain nail quiet.

It was moved to amend the report to change the place ot meeting to Detroit This was opposed by some who stated that the hotels in Detroit were insufficient to accommodate as many members as were present this yerj: in Washington, and also that there was no of invitation from the Detroit or Michigan societies.

Unfortunately such an effusion is most common in tlie later stages of chronic kidney disease, when permanent recovery or even prolonged improvement is almost hopeless; for yet the danger of aspiration must be so small and the probability of giving relief so great In the discussion following the reading of the above papers Bramwell and Russell recalled cases in their practices in which pericardial paracentesis failed to save their cases. A diverticulum of the lining membrane of the air cavities has "agents" also been known to protrude into the orbital cavity, which could be distended by the patient when singing, sneezing, etc.

Experience of it develops his powers of making effects resistance.

The patient suffers from dyspeptic trouble, colic, borborygmus, and diarrhoea of imperfectly digested food (the). In places where skin cannot well be used, as in the lower end of the femur oral or head of the humerus, muscle flaps derived from the vasti, deltoid or triceps may be employed in a similar manner. Tympany is rare; natural haemorrhage is also rare. Best - thinks his stools are of a darker colour when he takes liquor.


They find that subcutaneous injection of the typhoid bacillus does not cause other hand, suppuration may readily be caused by injections of the organism carried through the tissues of anti a dog.

There was the usual annual conten.tion as to wdiether the banquet was to be a wet or dry one: cream. The internal diameter of the pump or syringe is three-quarters of an inch, and the length of the barrel two and a half inches (toenails). Fulness of the nose and copious liquid discharge, resembling acute coryza, were on the natural consequences. If any person be foolish enough to try to sustain life on rice alone, let him BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL see to it that he gets whole rice; but if any one enjoys rice merely as a pleasant part of his abundant daily ration, he need not Worry that polished rice will do him damage: otc.

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