Finding the Right Marketing Strategy and the Person to Lead It

What should your growth strategy be focused on and who is the right person to lead the strategy and oversee the execution?


The session will help you determine what you as a company should focus on in your marketing strategy. What phase is most important for your company to succeed? Do you need Strategy, Business Planning, or Execution? Where
do you need the most help and support right now? AND who is the right person to lead this strategy?

CEO & Principal Chief Marketing Outsider
As the Chief Marketing Outsider, imagineer Kirk Brand Coburn is redefining the role of the CMO. Coburn founded marketing consulting firm Chief Outsiders based on the principle that the CMO is #2, responsible for listening to #1, the CEO, and accurately identifying and translating the company's vision and value proposition into an insightful, actionable, and measureable marketing plan that delivers results. Coburn and Chief Outsiders identify what a company is and where they want to go. They believe that determining what customers need - not what they want - is vital. This understanding is then followed up with a strategic plan outlining how the company will deliver the right message and product based on their original vision and passion while remaining distinct from competitors. This process creates accountability and measurements that drive performance. Prior to founding Chief Outsiders, Coburn identified overlapping markets in the PGA TOUR and satellite radio. From that insight, Coburn founded PGA Tour Network to bring long-form tournament coverage to golf fans. Within a year, the channel was attracting millions of fans and generating millions in revenue. Following the successful acquisition of the company, Coburn founded Blush Marketing, a multi-million dollar, fan-experience marketing company. With Coburn’s leadership, Blush Marketing became the leading sports marketing agency that connects consumers with technology at major events. Coburn has made a difference working for and with other powerful brands including the NFL, Gaylord Entertainment, Dell Inc., AT&T, Crown Plaza Hotels, American Express, MasterCard, Sirius XM, NASCAR, and more. As an active member of his community, Coburn serves on the board of Scream Free Parenting – an organization dedicated to encouraging parents to focus on themselves in an effort to create and enjoy the family relationships they've always craved. Coburn strives to live this mission in his every day life. He believes that by taking time to focus on yourself, you make yourself better for family, career, community, and socially oriented relationships. He also serves on the Austin Chapter board of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a dynamic, global network of more than 7,300 business owners in 42 countries. An ultra-marathon runner, open-water swimmer, competitive golfer, and seventh-generation Texan, Coburn, his wife, and their two daughters live in Austin and spend weekends on the family ranch working cows, driving tractors, and riding horses. You can find Kirk Brand Coburn and his endless opinions about the world at large at where he blogs as the Chief Marketing Outsider on behalf of his management consulting firm, Chief Outsiders.