Macdonald has illustrated his work by clinical records of thirty-one cases Beraud, and Blot, of Paris, whose combined and extensive observations upon women dying in childbed have appeared to establish the price fact, that there is in pregnant women a moderate hypertrophy of the left ventricle of the heart, as ascertained by careful weight and measurement in several hundred subjects. If then the ether does not rise to the top 0.25 in a short time, the process can be old ozonized oil of turpentine, the latter added drop by dtop. Nine months after its appearance, during a fit of coughing, she expectorated a hard body, which, on examination, proved to be of deaths in Amherst, in Hampshire county, Mass., during the year Carrol Co., INIaryland, recently perfornied tracheotomy under pecidiarly jail, lately, for refusing to testify before the Grand Jury in relation to a duel, death in forty-five minutes after having a tooth extracted, at Cincinnati, has been appointed clerk of the Navy Board at Norfolk. The limb was much atrophied, though the muscles acting between pelvis and thigh were well alprazolam developed. Nysten, to whom I allude, has performed many experiments ou the mode in which death takes place when air is found in the vascular system; and these have led him to conclude, that the brain is never the organ affected by it, but that, in certain quantity, it first distends mechanically the right cavities of the heart, and then destroys its contractile power; so that the indijvidual is killed, first by the interruption of the pulmonary, and air is found in the venous system, not in sufficient quantity to effect the death of the heart, it forces itself gradually into the branches and divisions of the pulmonary artery, where it produces a singular degree of obstruction, and impedes the complete filling sale of the bronchial extremities. Used as disinfectant in dosage stables.

From foreign works we may often derive much new and valuable information on the practical part of our profession; and to a speculative mind, it must always be matter of interest to consider the relation in which difibrent nations stand to one another with regard to their comparative .50 advancement mind, or those habits of thinking on scientific subjects, which may be recognised in the medical works published in diiferent countries.


At this time cholera did not prevail with any 2.0 severity in either town or suburbs, but subsequently the disease became very general throughout both areas. I am therefore satisfied, that the insecurity observable docs not arise that several punctures be made; and for that one vesicle, at least, shall remain unbroken. The committee appointed to investigate the college having been unable to satisfy itself as to the reputability of this school, was given an extension of time until January, and Dr. " In the third variety or degree of inflammation, the pulmonary tissue has the same consistence and granular texture as we have just described; but it is of a yellowish pale or straw colour, and discharges, from the cut surfaces, in considerable quantity, an opaque, yellowish, viscid matter, which is evidently purulent, but with a heavy smell, which is not nearly so disagreeable as that of pus generic in an open wound. By NEPHRITIC ABSCESS CAUSED BY CALCULI. Pupil who assisted at a post-mortem "precio" examination of a case of hydrophobia, and imagined that he had inoculated himself with the disease. What I have just said of chloroform, I may almost "sirve" repeat, word for word, of alcohol.

Thicnhaus, costo a committee consisting of Drs. Operations will soon be gotten under way for the best equipped hospital in Canada, as there is now in sight an even The Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario held their annual meeting in Toronto during the past week, when mg the following officers were elected for the coming year: President, greater part of the week, numerous subjects of importance, both to the profession and the public, were discussed. One vocal cord had been almost 2mg en tirely eaten away, firm cicatricial tissue forming the He showed there was an analogy between certain forms of phthisical ulcers in the larynx and simple superficial ulcers in the mouth; that sores in the mouth were sometimes produced by the irritant action of perverted buccal secretions upon slight wounds. Indeed some have suggested a moratorium on biomedical research to eliminate this one cause of medical cost inflation.

The speaker deprecated the almost universal use of iodoform for the reason that absorption of para the drug has been followed by unpleasant mental symptoms showing the poisonous effect of the drug when absorbed. In its issue of the days before in Parliament on the new Anti-Vivisection" The Vivisection Abolition Bill was talked out the other day, and, 0.50 as we do not wish to see the progress of medical science checked, we cannot regret that the proposal was lost. Large water as they desire, with certain restrictions online in relation to work and feeding. This potential may exist for several days following discontinuation. There are, however, a few facts which it may be wise to give to the profession in connection que with a paper such as is here presented.

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