Essential tools to start a social enterprise.

The practial steps to get your social venture up and running


Now that you've heard all about what social entrepreneurship/innovation is how in the world do you go about launching one? Where can you find the tools, tips, and community to help you create one?

Over the past few months a conversation has been evolving in the social entrepreneurship scene around the topic of the "super heros" perceived requirement to be a social entrepreneur and how we can open up the social enterprise sector to the broader public. Those with out an MBA or Ivy league back ground.

This session will help the average joe, the rookie non-MBA social entrepreneur, The working poor, the high school student, the weekend entrepreneur… To put their ideas into action.

we will go over the resources listed in the post below and talk about how to apply them to your ideas to give the wings!


Will send out a final email to all who RSVP with more detailed info.
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