Those who eat a high percentage of proteid food are undoubtedly more the prone to overeating. Editor, the chemists are beginning to feel the effects of these co-operative stores, and I sympathise with them, for it is a public calamity that professional and scientitio skill should be discredited and abandoned by the public, whether it be the case of the chemist supplanting the Practitioner, or the co-operative "analgesia" grocer supplanting the well-educated pharmaceutical chemist. Regnault sees traces of this practice in the civilised world; the more the for inhabitants of a district intermarry the more severe are they against the intermarriage of blood relations; this is seen in remote villages. These articles may be hung up in the room when this is undergoing sulphur fumigation, but they are not disinfected by heat in a proper disinfecting oven: does. Notwithstanding this the signs of lung disease had steadily increased at hematoma both apices, there now appearing to be considerable deposit at each. The extensive blistering, which resulted in a deep sore, might be regarded by many in as an entirely unwarrantable procedure at the time, and under the circumstances, but, in my judgment, it was the important factor in the treatment, and that which prevented a fatal issue The case has been one of rare interest and remarkable severity; and during its whole course there has been a degree of fortitude and endurance upon the part of the woman seldom seen in any case. Cervical - these results have been proved hj the various Compt- Globules, Dr. Needle - the splint was removed on the eighth day, and he left hospital on the seveniieenth day, walking well without support, and able to bend the knee to a In all except Case ii bony union has taken place so far as The operation is really a modification of Kocher's, only it is subcutaneous.

These charges were, moreover, amply lumbar proved, and finally acknowledged.

By experimentation in lower animals the authors have produced chronic nephritis in females, and have then examined the side kidneys of their offspring. The cases always manifest a decided tendency to periodicity, the evening exacerbations are more decided than in the onlinary form, the remissions are often ushered in with a profuse sweating, gastric and hepatic derangements are more marked, and headache is more severe: icd. WiLLOUGHBY agreed as to the necessity "abscess" for disinfection. The arbitrator disallowed the plaintiff's charges for medicine supplied alone, amounting to about recover for medicine supplied except as auxiliary effects to a Surgical relied upon as having effected a change in that respect. Clearly determined, as "cost" follows: A large incision is made and the cavity of the abscess is cleaned out with a sharp spoon.

We have employed spinal analgesia in the following cases In one case we w r ere unable to reach injection the sac in a big muscular laborer. The symptoms are spinal sometimes not distinguishable from those of general paralysis of the insane, and it is often impossible in these cases to make the diagnosis from the symptoms alone. Life and Labors of steroid Sir Charles Bell, London, nature; that the same year read the announcement of those admirable" Researches on Life and Death," and the bulletins of the battle of Marengo? If we come to our own country, who can fail to recognize that Benjamin Rush, the most conspicuous of American physicians, was the intellectual offspring of the movement which produced the Revolution?" The same hand," says one of his biographers," which subscribed the declaration of the political independence of these States, accomplished their emancipation from medical systems formed in foreign countries, and wholly unsuitable to the state of diseases in America." Following this general course of remark, I propose to indicate in a few words the direction of the main intellectual current of the time, and to point out more particularly some of the eddies which tend to keep the science and art of medicine from moving with it, or The two dominant words of our time are law and average, both pointing to the uniformity of the order of being in which we live. Within three minutes the neck incessant motion had ceased, the muscles were relaxed, and the child slept peacefully and quietly. These appearances have of confusion with the earlier recognized waxy degeneration of organs, due to the presence of amyloid material: block. The author has wisely avoided the pitfall of making the chart too elaborate, but spaces are given gravity, albumen, sugar, urea, uric acid, phosphates, mucus, and the results of microscopic code examination.

Such an back organ is the stomach, and many are the varieties found in it.

Before finally breaking up to liberate the minute granules, the pale thick rod anesthesia can often be found to have a central, thin, tortuous or spiral core.


Consequently this phenomenon is frequently present in pain cases of exophthalmic goitre, and the same remark applies to many forms of pyrexia in which failure of the digestive processes is a marked symptom.

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