The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building a World Class Sales Organization

The UnCommon Sense Checklist for Taking Your Sales Team from Good to Great


There is NO MAGIC in Building an Over-acheiving Sales Organization. It is a highly systematized process. Private companies that consistently blow away their competition and generate repeatable sales grwoth understand these principles and practices. In this session, you will be offered a practical formula that any private business owner can begin to implement immediately to develop a predictable, visible and scalable World Class Sales Organization.

You will learn:

• If your existing Sales Team can and will take you to where you want to go.

• How to identify, locate and hire Effective Salespeople and Managers

• Three simple processes that form the basis of a World Class Sales Organization

• How to quickly identify the critical strengths necessary to succeed and how to assess and overcome weaknesses that are hidden from view.

• How to completely differentiate your company from your competitors.

• If your Sales Manager is capable of achieving the results you expect.


Steps you can use TODAY to become the market leader in your industry.


Snacks and Refreshments will be served. Free Parking is available.
Joe Zente is President/CEO of Z/Three Performance Development, Inc, home of The Alternative Board (TAB-Austin). He founded Z/Three 12 years ago to help private business owners exceed their Sales, Business and Life goals. Joe is the developer of the UnCommon Sense Formula for Success, a process used by thousands of salespeople, managers and business owners to dramatically improve their top and bottom lines. His approach is practical, straight-forward, and no-nonsense. Joe is a serial entreprenuer who has run six successful companies. He has founded four and sold two. He has chaired over 500 CEO Advisory Boards. His experience includes over 25 years leading international companies involved in a variety of products, services, technologies and programs ranging from software to FISH, from high-ticket industrial & medical capital equipment, sporting goods, semiconductors and services. Joe is a transformation expert who has helped hundreds of CEOs take their companies from concept to growth to sale. Z/Three has a simple philosophy—Freedom Through Results, Results Through Responsibility. Joe knows that great things can be achieved via Individual Responsibility combined with Effective Processes, Execution, Communication and Teamwork. UnCommon Sense incorporates these core principles into a program that can be applied to upgrade any organization, whether the product/service is a pure commodity or a sophisticated conceptual solution. Joe has developed training programs in Sales & Sales Management, Effective Communication, Managing for High Performance, Open-Book Management and Principle-Centered Leadership. He holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he played two varsity sports. When hes not taking companies from Good to Great, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife, Julie, and his three entrpreneurial sons, Joey, Thomas and Alex.