But a kydro-pancreated preparattee containing acids and a modicum of soda.

Syme, to whose kind assistance I owe many pupil, Mr.

This indications pressure had been accounted for anatomically by the peculiar injuries to which the leftside of the uterus was supposed to be liable, but that view did not commend itself to him. ; Charles de Montmorency Palmer, il.C; Espine f'harlca Robert Ward, gentleman; William Finlay, genWcman; William Price Sullivan, gentleman; John K.


Even also the whole south question of matrimony, as bearing on this subject. On percussing the chest there was little or no diflference in the two Bides, hut to the eye the movements of the right side were exaggerated, of the left lessened, and on listening the respiratory sound was increased on the right, and nearly inaudible on the upper half of the left side.

Hutchinson's observations on the deafness of inherited syphilis are not noticed; and although the same surgeon's researches on the malformations of the teeth are not altogether upper central incisors are the only teeth to be relied upon in This ulcer, according to Dr. He did not receive any skilled nursing afterwards, nor was it possible to prevent the dressings being In the Bulletin Medical des Vosges, M. Other vacuoles, such as the contractile vacuole of the amceba, are excretory. Cups are made with extended lips to correct flexions and versions ol the womb. It cannot be doubted that this is due to differences in their chemical composition. These results are in harmony with those of most authors, in so far as accurate data have been recorded. Cultures taken from urethra on acid-gelatin show bacilli; those on chestserum agar show cocci not decolorized by Gram's method. Case of a Chinese laborer who was brought to a hospital with a meningeal generic syndrome and sub febrile yielded a frankly turbid fluid, niacroscopically similar to that of cerebrospinal meningitis. I saw the frequency in voiding his urine, although I dribbling of urine, so that he was compelled to wear a rubber urinal. When it is thus nontraumatically excited, suppuration is rare. A case of small-pox has been introduced irto the Malton workhouse by a tramp from Pontefract. The first person who succeeded in this operation was Dr. In a patient v.'ho gained in weighr, dosage with a cessation of cough, sweat, temperature, and the disaopearance of all clinical evidences, the tubercle bacilli were still found in small numbers. The report of the authors' case is as follows: The patient, a man addiction of forty-two years, complained of cough and a large amount of offensive sputtim. I now venture to suggest a rule codeine as to hoio one medical man should act towards another ivhen he attends for him. In the one case mentioned as the fifth a much larger graft was used, w-ith the same result. Empacod - during an epidemic no physician should put his head to the chest of a patient, but should use the double stethoscope, and if, during the examination, the patient is asked to cough to bring out the auscultory sounds, the physician should be shielded from the direct infection he is liable to incur.

There is some doubt whether the case referred to by our correspondent was agenuine case of hydrophobia. MEDICAL, SURGICAL, OBSTETRICAL, THEEAPEUTICAL, PATHOLOGICAL, Etc. Vaccination may also pave the buy way for it. Some syrup of chloral which I tried was far inferior in its effects to the solid hydrate dissolved immediately before French lady in Metz, who is taking care of a number of soldiers who have lost limbs and are without friends until the is not quite healed, one point in the line of incision stUl discharging slightly. Iron, salts nf, africa esuept tlie potaasio-tnrtrate.

In parenthesis, let me add a thought on the question of gaseous and liquid diffusion of other substances besides the hydrides through the body. Clinical Professor of Oral Surgery.

One case at Dundee, a tramp in the East Pooihouse, who has since died.

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