The latest utterances, however, go farther and charge the head of the bureau with malfeasance in office in not mentioning the eases occurring as"reported as bubonic plague but the diagnosis disputed by the medical profession of San Francisco." The paper that contains the above, charges that the chief of the Marine-Hospital Bureau has deliberately falsified an official record, and suggests a Congressional inquiry. Gynecology' on the speculum; nose and throat on the laryngoscono- genito-urinary on the endoscope and eystoscope; orthopedic surgery on the tenetome and plaster of paris; dermatolosrv on a nomenclature: nervous diseases on electricity; otologv on the otoscope and Politzer's air permitted to use tiiis opportunity, though somewhat late, to show the injustice of those hits made at dermatology. With great violence, and at last things became so bad that she had but two moods the one in which she was intensely excited, the other in which she was utterlydepressed and powerless. I very rarely administer the hypnotics on account of the danger of establishing a habit and because of their interference with digestion and tissue metabolism. He takes special precaution not to cut off the tumor in the last case until the mg abdomen has He reports three successful cases. Antiseptic solutions were not employed as they injured the tissues more than they harmed the bacteria. This and other information will be published 30 early this year in a third edition of Directory of Blood Transfusion Facilities and Sendees by the Joint Blood Council.

Following him, Ramond de Carbonier described the cretins of the Pyrenees. Matters relating to interstate quarantine and suppression of epidemic diseases are also handled in this di-vision. This is particularly the case with the starch-yielding potato, and among the sugar-givers, such as the beet-root, carrot, and parsnip. A MEDICAL OFFICER IN ANCIENT GREECE. James Francis Brady, of Boston, has been placed in charge of the Dermatological Department Dr. Niag-ara Falls, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, have granted reduced fares on the certificate plan to all who attend the meeting, and the Cataract House has made a reduction from its regular tariff of charges. It seems to he true that loud murmurs do occur from dilatations. There are again many whose hands are constantly damp and from whose fingers drops of sweat fall; others perspire only in their heads and should this cease it causes them discomfort because obstructions form which hinder ejection. Most rhinologists have heretofore used specially devised gouges or knives for this purpose. Each part of the body must be carefully and separately looked after not forgetting the nails and hair.

A similar case was reported by Halbron and Coudrain tenderness of the left infraorbital nerve at its exit cutaneous hyperesthesia so that the least touch produced pain. Wood and others who have tested tonofilms, this prevents contamination of the tonometer by eye secretions and permits repeated use of the same instrument: 20. Wliere the disease is protracted, and accompanied or followed by debility and emaciation, cod-liver oil (pure or etherised) is the most potent means we have for restoring health and preventing sequehu, espcnially of a tubercular X.-CASE OF INTESTINAL OCCLUSION RELIEVED BY OPERATION ileus. The ambulance service of Flower Hospital covers a Far Eastern Association of Tropical Medicine. Scharlau, in the Mount Sinai Hospital, and was referred to my dispensary for oiatdoor treatment. Miss Donahue was educated for her profession in the Massachusetts General Hospital. If the reaction is negative, the motility of the bacilli is unchanged, and agglutination is not observed, regardless of the time during which the specimen is watched.

The matter is indeed a serious one when it interferes, as I believe it does, with tlie possibility of earning a bare living on the part of no small number of reputable physicians. Occasionally the anterior pelvic wall, an undue prominence of the iliopectineal eminence, an osseous tumor, is the cause. Point, there being an average of upward of five millimetres of convergence. There is first the glandular form (struma fulUcularis mollis of Virchow), which consist of a hypertrophy or hyperplasia of the thyroid gland, and which forms a soft and elastic tumour, not uidike a lipoma.

No one coidtl object to pictures, iiowever lai'go or however I'epulsive even, if instructive in themselves, or absolutely necessary to throw light on tlie comnuuiications read; but let us the cord tied in a knot round its limp neck.


One quarter of the contents of the syringe was then injected slowly, and the effect on the pulse carefully watched. With this precaution he found that these pseudo-reactions did not occur.

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