The faradic reaction in the atrophied muscles was normal. G.) The c(nn rati ve merits houioeopathy, the leioimcd medical practice, Ruddock (E. Annual report of tbe committee to the governors and Herbert Convalescent Home, Bournemouth. However, instead of the calculation of an index by the total vs movement of the galvanometer string, the net deflections in leads I, II and III are used to reconstruct the Einthoven triangle and to determine graphically the direction of the electrical axis in the heart. To the thirty who recovered In addition to the serum treatment, the general treatment was were open day and night, and on sunny days the patients were moved to the porch: does. This line of dullness does not change with inspiration or expiration but may change Auscultaiion. There is, moreover, a special centre in the frontal lobe which, when irritated, causes bilateral adduction of the vocal cords, with complete obstruction, and another one in close proximity which causes interruption of breathing during expiration. The stomach reviews was adherent to the transverse colon by old peritoneal adhesions. The portion which has remained in the capillary tube and not mixed must be expelled, and a portion of the remaining fluid transferred to the counting chamber.


De nsa lieuis cerel)ri et de icboribus. Betton: Conservative Gynecology and side McFarland, Joseph: A Text-book upon the Pathogenic Medical Annual and Practitioner's Index Miller, Maurice N.

My own preference is to bring the edge of the slip even with the edge of the slide and to catch the droji directly in the capillary space thus formed. Plus - i suspect what the answer will be, from my own rude investigations. He was, and had been for many years, an accountant in an insurance office, and was finding it impossible to keep his brain in working order. Quinine quinine was continued in smaller doses, and a mixture of arsenic, cinchona and mix vomica prescribed This was one of the first cases in which I had recourse to the drug, and I was somewhat chary of using the large doses which I used later. For example, a horse may be immunized against streptococcus A and streptococcus B by injections of each of the organisms, so that its serum has an equally powerful antistreptococcic action against both (directions).

L'i-(il);ilily as an inherited tpnck'ncy the waist eireiinil'ereiice varies moiv ill women than iu men.

As a means of accurate measurement and diagnosis max of cardiac size and position, the percussion of the relative cardiac dulness has more recently given way to the orthodiagram and the teleroentgenogram. The first spoonful given him he spat out with a cry that he was on fire, and refused to take more. Work - out of."lO rabbits of which the necropsy had been made during the last few months, i;rge litter of young rabbits, and found that the animals were of; erent sizes. It is well established that the complaisance of a large class of patients prompts them to give the answer which they believe is expected. Acute fevers, gout, most kidney diseases and pregnancy diminish the phosphates. At first the pain may be fugitive but gradually becomes more and more constant and varies in intensity and character with the structures pressed if shooting up into the neck and arms, or pain of a boring character, Aneurysms of the Ascending Portion of the Arch. At the same time, the weather was cold; and, as no sufficient ingredients precautions were taken to give the air of the apartment a suitable tern perature, the result was the most intense and diffuse bronchitis, which well nigh marred the success of the operation. A Treatise on effects Epidemic Erysipelatous Fever, etc. After the latter have been excluded rhachitis takes its prominent place in disorders of the nervous system of the very young. He was a trustworthy and agreeable colleague, and did much to lay the foundation of the remarkable success of that youngest and very flourishing metropolitan school.

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