Design Your Value Proposition To Separate Yourself From Competitors


Many entrepreneurs spend a large amount of time and energy thinking about their company’s products and services, but often do not continually evaluate what distinguishes their company from the competition. This session will provide insight to help entrepreneurs pinpoint their organization’s key strengths, and develop core competencies that drive and support strong business growth. This interactive discussion will provide examples of various industries and examine their value propositions, providing a basic platform to begin developing a unique value proposition to help advance during tough economic times.

Roy Nieto is the President and CEO of SureScore, an educational consulting firm focused on increasing college readiness in Texas public schools. Since 1995, Nieto has led the effort to help economically-disadvantaged students improve academic achievement and ultimately – increase the number of college-ready students in school districts across Texas. Utilizing 21st century methodologies, SureScore’s programs provide instruction and professional development in core enrichment, test preparation, and college and career planning. SureScore has become a leader in the education sector, recently being named as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing private companies in America, and recognized in 2009 as the Austin Business Journal’s16th fastest-growing company in Austin. SureScore continues to expand its outreach to students, offering several books on test preparation and college admissions, and pioneering a college preparation program used by thousands of students across the nation.