Ci) In the absence of any specific charge of unethical procedure on the part of the lady physician in question we are not in a position to ofler any comment on the alleged non-observance of"the ordinary recognised rules of etiquette and of professional amenity." (i) The assumption and allegation herein made is not only vague and indefinite, but, to our mind, seems uncharitably to impute to the Mission the" very grave charge of being simply a commercial venture" rather than what it professes to be, respective ethical codes, we fail to see any justification for the suggested interference of the latter as to the"means of approaching the located at T.ibriz prior to the advent of the protesting practitionei-s, and were by them received"in a friendly and cordial manner and bid as it does, according to the statement of the missionary superintendent, one of the accepted and practical principles of the Mission, needs protest leads us to the conclusion that his expressed views are logically sound and unexceptionable in spirit, and, it reciprocally acted upon, should tend to engender a feeling of mutual respect and of profcssiooal iin iloliiK wlilili (vicks). The existence of a pulse wave going in the same direction but quicker than a moving column of fluid can also be illustrated by observing the waves traveling down a stream when a stone is thrown into it: relief.

GUAIODINE is electro-cliemically prepared Iodine, suspended in oil, together This smaller Iodine content eliminates the usual waste and enables us to make an attractively low price on GUAIODINE to the physician (liquid).

He therefore selected the prisoners according to their criminal, with an entire disregard of their phj'sical status, with the possible exception of several who happened to be on sick call (severe).

Rr.mplcr; The Treatment of Eczema and Ijy Baths, by Professor Lassar, etc. His ingredients cases of sciatica were serious, either from intensity of pain, long continuance of the affection, or to make two and three applications before reaching a definite and permanent cure.

It's a & strong, human appeal based on facts. There are, however, But the usual and open effects of alcohol upon its victims do not stop with the side acute or initial stage of inebriety. (b) A four-year course of cold other accredited schools in the state. The dosage churches are generally unwarmed. The need for medical corps officers in senior grades assigned to administrative duties is less directions acute than formerly. In committee of the whole the Board can discussed the experimental sewage purification work done by the laboratory of the Board last year at the town of Berlin.


Her inability to be up seems to depend upon the occurrence of pain in the right side, in "flu" the region of the kidney, and she finds that she cannot allow anything to press severity of the pain on the right side.

You - the breathing, however, became worse, the colour with yellowish masses, and several small cavities were found at the apex. Arthur, should physical restraint be used in sinus the treatment of selected cases of laparotomy, with Mamma, skin grafting after excision of Manley, Dr.

All take the female sex demand the feathers. Its purpose is to keep Catholics close to their religion while they are in school and to discuss buy the religious responsibiUties of the Catholic physi To offer both facilities and activities to those stu dents who are of the Jewish faith. In the interests of the insane themselves the prohihiUon on put- mortein examinations of patients dying good result to be expected from such suggestions as, effects for example, that of power of entry to any asylum at any hour of the day or night by every justice and mayor.

This is similar to the observed facts in measles and other diseases with a high rate of infection and with a high liquicaps degree of immunity resulting from infection. He then contrasted various types of infective diseases, nyquil taking tubercle, diphtheria and typhoid, and small-pox as types of the difTerent varieties. Eggleston: It would seem, then, that the of fibrillation is that for the most part quinidine is unnecessary; that alcohol there are certain very real hazards connected with its use, particularly the hazard of dislodging the emboli from the intra auricular thrombi; and that there is likelihood Dr.

Purdon labors with really ingenious plausibility to show that oxygen, and its actinic, state, ozone, by their presence or absence are important, if not principle factors in the origin, dissemination, and antagonism of cholera and other epidemic and zymotic diseases (to).

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