Create or Die. The Art of Entrepreneurship

How to leverage your creativity to fuel your expanding business.


As entrepreneurs we are inherently creative visionaries. How do we stay alert to and feed our creative fire while in the midst of the natural ebb and flow of growing a business and becoming profitable.

The creative process is inherently changing and this force is active and alive in ourselves and in our business, how do we leverage this force within without succumbing to fear or criticism which can often sabotage our passion and innovation?

How and when do we trust our intuitive creative right-brains to evolve our experience and ride the edge of innovation without abandoning our rational left-brain intellect? Lots of people choose to ride the waves of the entrepreneurial roller coaster...why do only some continue the ride? What makes them successful?

These questions and many more around the intersect of creativity and entrepreneurship will be the foundation of our discussion today as well as a creative experience that will get will connect us to our creative genius.

Become familiar with creative resources to keep you inspired. Learn why committing to an active creative life will keep your creative mojo in flow and be the foundation of your expanding business.


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Founder & Director. Creative Catalyst.
Melissa D'Antoni, MACP, Transformative Artist and Coach is the founder of Fire Tree Studios, a laboratory for creativity and transformation that harnesses the creative process for self-expression & discovery, creative potential and the expansion of consciousness. Melissa acknowledges the creation process as active and alive in daily life and supports you in tapping into your highest creative and life potentials. With an early career in internet marketing that left her craving for a more authentic, creative and passion-filled life; Melissa has 11 years of training and both personal and professional experience in the transformative arts, expressive arts therapy, transpersonal counseling, spiritual guidance, life coaching, consulting and as a certified yoga instructor. Melissa inspires her clients and students of all ages to include creativity and consciousness on the path toward wholeness, well-being and living a fully empowered life.