Create and Hustle

How to make it as a grass roots promoter


Brandon will walk through the steps necessary to becoming a successful grass roots promoter. Over the last year and a half, Brandon has made a name for himself by integrating social media into his life to better reach a broader audience to promote to. This session will give you a better understanding and appreciation for the life of a small promoter with a big vision. Brandon will discuss what it takes to promote and produce an event from the birth of the idea to the break down and cleanup.

Brandon Badillo is an events planner, promoter, and producer in Austin, Texas. After spending several years planning and coordinating special events for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Brandon started an events company called Bemba Entertainment. Currently, Bemba Entertainment has a Latin and South American music festival and fundraiser, Xemumba, among other original shows hosted each year. For this seminar, Brandon will walk through the steps necessary to create a successful event - from the initial idea all the way to break down. He will outline key points to help future promoters attract an audience and find success in their events. Since hosting last year's RISE session, Brandon has open his arms to other areas of the entertainment industry. He now plays the roles of event promoter/producer, talent buyer for venues around town, middle Agent for bands, and is a columnist for the entertainment portion of a multicultural publication called TODO Austin. Brandon is a firm believer in doing what you love and love what you do.