Protozoa are commonly classed among animal parasites, nltli'uigh ihey are so closely related to the lowest plant forms on the one side, and to the many-celled animal forms, on the other, that it is difficult to make a sharp line of demarcation between them.

When the stomach is empty and food is withheld, 500 vomiting usually ceases. The physician should mide; if there is a high temperature tincluake the application at least once a day ture of aconite is added. The second one is that of a man age; to more thoroughly control hemorrhage, forty-five, the subject of asthma of a pu and also to remove all remnants of the preg- monary type and associated with gastri nancy. Pulmonary cedema should receive prompt and energetic treatment directed, not to the symptom altogether, but to the cause if possible, if we would expect the most satisfactory and permanent results. V) in his broad conclusions says," During muscular work in still air, the limit of wet-bulb temperature which could be borne without By permission of the Professor of Hygiene we have been" Second Report on the Physiological Effects of Food, Training and Clothing on the Soldier," and are here charted and diagrammatically The diagram shows the rise of rectal cost temperature after marching first hour. Helvetius used it with such success in the treatment of the Dauphin that it gained great popularity in dysentery. Inherited vals cause still more marked symptoms; immunity has, as is well known, been preand with four day intervals graver dis- viously demonstrated to be a fact, turbances may be the result.

Since then he had constantly employed it with unvaryingly good results. The only treat- circumstances convinced me that the true i ment he received was vigorous cathartics, trouble was that the gentleman had not suf which he took on his own prescriptions, ficiently hard or engrossing occupation for I years of age, in excellent health; and while severe task for a man of ordinary intelli- J his occupation is sedentery, he takes a great gence, it was not sufficient to fully occupy i deal of exercise. Medical and Social Aspects of Mental Disease Due to Alcohol: Conference Held at the Psychopathic Hospital, Boston, before the Legislative Commission on Drunkenness, November papers by Walter Channing, Michael J. This coryza may be mistaken at first for an ordinary catarrh, but the coexistence of other manifestations usually makes the diagnosis clear. Feeling of tightness and mg discomfort over weight. In some of the cases, dilatation appears above the lesser curvature of the stomach and may be seen, but in many it rests behind the stomach and is overshadowed by the stomach contents; to inspect it requires prolonged observations such as can be made only under ideal conditions.


He impresses us with the importance of a thorough determination of the cause of all irregular uterine bleeding when we learn that between the ages of forty-five and sixty-four, one out of every eleven deaths among women is due to cancer of the uterus and the breast, two thirds being from uterine cancer.

The dose, however, must be scrupulously regulated to suit the case, and the drug is positively contraindicated in cases of intense excitement and in As corvelan we go to press, too late for its insertion in the department of Letters to the Editor, we have received from Dr. Acute neuritis has been described, and convulsions, epilepsy, and a delirium, which may be not unlike that produced by alcohol. During the night the bandage came off, and the tumor was as large as ever next morning.

The fact that there is nothing in the technique which is beyond the capacity of anyone with ordinary skill and intelligence does not make salvarsan a remedy which can be administered carelessly with impunity. In these rapidly fatal forms the liver has been described (c) Varioloid, or small-pox modified by vaccination.

As a rule the first several generatioms of parasites in the human body pursue the asexual cycle, the sexual forms developing later. The dose of any of the remedies may be four globules, or from one to five drops of the dilution in a spoonful of water; repeated at intervals of one or two hours. Attention to the general health is essential; and tonics containing iron are beneficial. T is a fact of curious interest that all the higher animals have a double brain and that each half of the brain furnishes to the opposite side of the body its nerve supply.

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