Eine Jubelrede dem fiinfzigjiihrigen Bestehen Preiisse ( Christiauus Frideiicns Guilelmus ) Preussische Medicinal -Zeituug. The other seventy men, as far as I know, are either gone to the war or dead. Was free from bacilli two weeks earlier than Case I., although the patient entered the hospital a month later than point of the duration of the bacilli, is shown better by comparing the average time during which the bacilli remained in the throats of the dioxide alone, or in connection with a solution of chlorinated soda or corrosive sublimate, with the average time during which the bacilli remained in the throats of patients more severely ill, but who, on the In the first class of cases, twenty-three in number, the bacilli were found on the average to be present in the cultures on the twenty-seventh day of the disease and absent on the thirty-sixth day of the disease. Its transmission from one animated organism to another, for the purpose of supplying a defect in the latter, is the substance of the Blood Treatment; and How to Do this, in different cases, is the form or description of the same. De la pulmonic, de ses symptomes, de ses causes, de ses differences.

The entrance into the gland of foreign material seems at times to act as a stimulus to this hyperplasia. Sections of the liver showed the intracellular spaces to be crowded with the same organism.

V.) advises in acute milk infection, the entire withdrawal of milk from the diet and thorough lavage of the bowel with warm water, to which borax is added if there is much mucus present. To-day, I wish to give you some details concerning it, and before doing so I should like to impress it thoroughly upon your minds, that in order to obtain results such as Lister's, it is absolutely necessary that nothing, however little, should be slurred over, and that the fullest and most careful attention should be paid to all details, both during and after the operation. The dietetic treatment best adapted for phthisical cases In some cases milk is a most useful article of diet; sometimes it may be taken cold, and even in large quantities: 1.5.

The work is The addition of the recent work of Mr. Sr - its earlj' appearance in this case, together with the other symptoms, indicated a more direct extension of the disease to the lateral sinus than would likely result from mastoid abscess, even had there been symptoms of retained pus in the mastoid cells.

Combined with Transverse Fracture of the Occipital Bone, Meeting of International Medical Congress (American convenience of delegates, and all physicians with their will be made at all points of interest between Chicago and the City of Mexico: copax. He has been with the Association since it was organized. Ligation of femoral artery performed by Dr. The long-continued Illness of the author, with its fatnl terminrtion, has kept this work for ome time out of print, and has deprned it of the advantage of the revision which he sought to give U during the last years of hi- life. It is of importance that exercise should be systematically taken, though not to excess (sr-1). We were attended by an escort of some twenty cavalry.

In the treatment of boils in the ear, for example, only the employment of a local germicide, like a solution of menthol, carbolic acid, or ichthyol, will do any good. The book seems destined to maintain yet for jears As a dissector, or a work to have in hand and studied while one is engaged in dissecting, we regard it as the very best work extant, which is certainly saying a very great deal. An example of this is shown in certain cases of epilepsy, attacks often coincide with increased gastro-intestinal putrefaction and constipation. There was not a particle of sugar or albumen in the urine. The patient walks and movement: srl. These points are often situated over the ovaries, to be sure; but they are also frequently found elsewhere: over certain vertebrae, in the epigastrium, beneath the breasts, under the clavicles, or somewhere in the head.

The bladder and rectum have been constantly pierced without any after effects. M.)'J"he principli's of treatment in pulmonary tuberculosis, with some observations on its etiology BoiMseaii, (E ) Tubeicuhise et phthisie pulmonaire Bonncinaison.

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