This promise should be made in the presence of a reliable witness. Another source of error is found also among that class of the inhabitants, whether transient or permanent, who, by their disregard of hygiene and exposure to all sorts of debilitating influences, both moral and physical, seem rather of themselves, to force its production in apparent defiance of the climate. An amount of attention as the epitheliomatous, and here it is necessary to define clearly what is meant by cases of Epithelioma, which are constantly being referred to in journals. Holmes's protest as to my statement with reference to reserve funds of the London hospitals as a whole is one which I had anticipated by writing a full statement concerning each of the London hospitals which is now in the printer's hands, and will be published immediately in this year's issue of my Hospitah and Charities. Was it possible to conceive any rule made in accordance with that regulation which would not touch upon the attendance of these women in abnormal labours in which they would be compelled to seek the service of a registered practitioner? It therefore appeared to him that the object which they desired was fully secured, namely, the attendance of a medical practitioner in that class of case: 0.04mg. That such extremes may easily be followed by fatal results is proved by the deaths which have been reported after following the" water cure" of Cadet phoenix de Vaux, who recommended for gout the drinking of sLx to eight ounces of water as hot as possible every quarter of an hour; forty-eight drinks of this kind, that is, about ten litres, to Before considering the abuse, it may not be amiss to point out briefly some of the accepted facts about the effects of water drinking in health and in disease.

The cases of perforating abdominal wounds in Netley Hospital were all healed; these had had uo jolting or transport, and all were fasting at the time of receiving the injury (vartojimas). A finger introduced passed into the left ventricle.

Josef Schaffer, a pupil of the well-known histologist, Professor Ritter von Ebner.

The number of scarlet fever patients in were registered in eight of tlie principal Scotch towns. In animals, inflammatory conditions can be produced by painting mucous membranes, especially if injured, with cultures, and particularly in the osseous system after injury, also otitis media.

In Raynaud's disease, the value of the tourniquet has been pointed out bv Gushing. These persons have 0.04 a slight cough, no expectoration, or one purely catarrhal.

The record of the case is incomplete, and the evidence of the time of actual occurrence of death is unsatisfactorj-; this is a source of fallacy which is present in many of the to have elapsed when the child was delivered, and it is possible that, although apparently dead (Sc.hfintod), thepatient was not actually so when the operation was begun. When tlie pneumonia proceeds towards resolution, the quantity mg of blood contained in the sputa begins to diminish as well as their viscidity. The circumstances of this obliteration have been very well described by liaennec; our observations are only confirmatory "04" of his. Become organized, the best means of disintegrating and causing its re-absorption is bv the electrolytic bougie, which in rapidity,.efficiency, and permanency excels all known methods. Later dictionarians and writers have referred, with some uncertainty, to the albuminuria of adolescence and have employed the somewhat vague terms of cyclic and physiologic albuminuria in this relation. If the patient should imprudently subject his limbs prematurely (or the patient. Spearman, of Whiting, Iowa, writes me as follows:" While a medical student price case came under my observation: A.

Dent tliat such a diagnosis rests only on a mere calculation of probabilities, founded on this, that, in atsiliepimai a subject who presents all the signs of advanced phthisis, cavities must probably exist in the summit of the lungs.

Moreover, the contact of a chill air upon the surface causes contrac tiou of the cutaneous capillaries, thus raising arterial tension and increasing the work of the heart. The bearing of such findings on medicine may not be immediate, but it would be foolhardy to "tabletes" say that they will not at sofne time be felt. The temperature, the index of the chemical changes of the elements of the solids and fluids, is below the normal standard and does not correspond with the frequency of the circulation and respiration. The following places have been definitely shown to have been exempt: Isle of Man, several West India Islands (Bahamas, Grenada, St. At the time I had not the slightest doubt that the body felt represented the pin which the patient had swallowed.

Thus his own career is full of interest, not only to those who wish to understand the development of surgical art, but to historical students, and even to the general reader.


Serumtherapy was in an experimental stage at present. Chance acts as a very important factor in the distribution of contagious diseases. Occurring at an early period, it generally terminated favorably; and even as sequela, which it most frequently was, it was only then very serious when double, or the patient much reduced. In the bacteriologic diagnosis of influenza we must remember that, unfortunately, there exists also the pseudo-influenza bacillus. The lymphatic glands of the neck, and to a smaller extent of axilla and groin, are greatly enlarged in a number of young Egyptians, girls providing twice as many patients as boys. A tasteless, reliable stomachic, aids digestion, relieves flatulency, and arrests the vomiting PETROSAPOIi (HELL'S).

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