The Clear, Straight Path

Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles to Success


When we pursue our true life purpose we encounter a clear, straight path with obstacles that are easy to overcome. During this session Claire will share her proven strategies for helping you easily step through challenges that at times seem so difficult.

While teaching in Brooklyn and raising her son with Down Syndrome Claire began to notice similar items from a small bag of tricks that would pop up and stand in the way of her path. How to provide staff development in environmental education to teachers who were unwilling to step foot in the park across the street? How to engage caregivers of a little boy who sits down, spits, and refuses to complete any task? She began to see parallels the lives of herself and her clients. How to succeed as a fast-track teacher certification candidate? How to jump into entrepreneurship when told to get a day job? How to let go?

These lessons combined with observing, recording, and reflecting led to Claire's incredibly effective process for work and life success.

Entrepreneurs of all ages, stages, genders, ethnicities and abilities are encouraged to attend. Bring examples of what is or has stood in the way of you and your calling. You'll be pleasantly surprised how small the earthly bag of tricks is.


The 183/Anderson/Lamar intersection can be tricky to navigate so allow yourself some travel time and feel free to slip in a few minutes late. If you're coming from West Austin It's right down the road from the Anderson & Burnet intersection. Cospace is located in Suite 203, which is upstairs, right in the middle of the retail center. Parking is free and there is ample. In back, up front, or even in the covered parking at the East end of the center. Cospace is part of the Lamar Gateway retail center across from the pink gorilla and the Bingo parlor. The 7720 Lamar/Stobaugh and the Anderson/Watson stops are the closest bus stops to us. The North Lamar Transit Center is just on the other side of 183.
Claire Milam is a spiritual coach who inspires you to accelerate your spiritual path and take your life purpose to the next level. Claire is student of life with a B.A. in psychology, an M.S. in Bilingual Special Education, and Coach U's Core Essentials Graduate designation.