The Changing Face of Philanthropy


Since the stock market crash of 2001 and more recent Economic Recession, investors seeking monetary and/or social ROI have increasingly scrutinized their investments. They are demanding stronger business plans, solid market potential, experienced founding teams, self-sustaininability and community impact. Gone are the days of blind investments in any venture: for or not-profit. The intention is clear: create stronger, more well-run, sustainable organizations.

In the non-profit world, this environment puts incredible financial and structural strain on organizations being asked to provide ever-increasing social services. On a macro scale, communities suffer as non-profits struggle to survive.

How do deserving organizations adapt, while promoting social benefit, purpose and identity? How can they "compete" in an environment where 94% of all donations go to 6% of non-profits?

This session is an overview and discussion of the current trends transforming the non-profit world from micro-philanthropy to social media to more effective mechanisms for measuring organizational effectiveness.

CEO, Co-Founder, World-Changer
Leo is a social entrepreneur with exceptionally diverse experience launching and managing non-profits, leading diverse teams and building strong relationships with civic and corporate leaders. His 15-year career has spanned executive management, business development, consulting, support and engineering positions with Sun Microsystems, Coremetrics, Trilogy and Apple. He founded his first non-profit, EDCO Ventures, in 2005 to address job creation in economically underprivileged regions through high-growth, entrepreneurial ventures. He also co-founded Copán, LLC, which provides NextDooring services from Latin America and is Executive Producer for NOC Films’ “Zero:Hour.” He serves on the Texas Clean Energy Park Business Council, was a Deacon at First Presbyterian Church of Austin and volunteers for Camp Biz$tart, RISE High, Manos de Cristo and The Entrepreneur’s Foundation of Central Texas. He attended Stanford University’s Computer Systems Engineering Program from 1992–1996.